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  1. Ben sells on all his beautiful treasures. He's a better man than me!
  2. I do too - but I don't need everything to be 'audiofool' to achieve that. I am with Wen.
  3. Looks a quality piece too. ...But it is Ross'. All the 'hand me downs' I have received from this man - every one has been excellent. And this is free!
  4. Of course you do! And they are not about to go down anytime soon... It is a lot of coin but.
  5. Friends that run EF86s, all say the best sounding ones are not the mesh ones. Telefunken ones can be found fairly easily. EF86s go noisy really quickly for some reason... But they do sound great while they are fine.
  6. You should easily be able to find something used in that range. Stick with your DD and I think you will e a happy man. I have a bit of a soft spot for the old PL Pioneers, but Denon or any of them will serve you well. Keep a good eye out in 'Trade Me' etc and don't be in a big hurry. What you are looking for will turn up. Don't get some cheap pos though.
  7. We should ALL be scared - these people live amongst us!
  8. I have a good friend that uses them and he loves them. Go for it.
  9. But what the military and commercial/ industrial parameters are, is different to what we require for audio. The military require that a tube is robust and will always still work after being chucked on the ground in the middle of a conflict, or is flying through the sky at mach2 when pulling 5Gs and still operate within spec. Industrial use requires long life under hard electrical conditions like flip flops in early computers, where the valve would go into sharp cut off. Microphony here did not matter at all and was not a consideration. What we require in audio is a little different, so be careful when selecting tubes. A great example of this is the 5R4W potato masher rectifier. It is super robust and can run heavy current draw for a lifetime - but (to my ears) sonically it sounds second rate and easily bettered by almost any other 5R4G. I'm not wanting to get in a war here, so please don't read it as that.
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