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  1. Discrepancy Records also take online RSD orders, so check there website out tomorrow.
  2. This is a steal...I have the same unit, albiet a slightly different factory tonearm (DA307), mounted with a wooden bodied DL103R, and it sounds great. I paid a fair bit more than what Chris is asking for this unit too...
  3. I've had really good success with them over the years....if you buy from their Ebay store, the postage is usually free or only a few bucks.
  4. The 2M Bronze tends to lend itself to more "fun" also over the Black. I really enjoyed mine on my lowly Project Debut Carbon. Not quite analytical as the Black, but is more forgiving, and rocks pretty hard lol.
  5. If seller can post/courier then this would be a tasty option too I reckon...
  6. (Sorry, half asleep with raging hayfever, I forgot to mention retip will be boron cantilever with nude micro ridge stylus.)
  7. I'm currently running one of Duc's wooden bodied 103R's on a Denon DP75 with DA307 tonearm. I've been in discussion with Cafe Latte about replacing the cantilever and stylus once the original has worn out. Sounds like its a very worthwhile exercise and am looking forward to being able to do this upgrade.
  8. Re the pokies...I remember last year when the first big rounds of lockdowns had occurred, a cabbie was heard to mention that the number one thing that his customers complained about missing was being able to play the pokies. That in itself is a sad indictment on our culture. I'm all for free choice, but not at the expense of family stability, least of all the music industry, as important as that is.
  9. Terrific story. Really highlights the human element behind the live music industry's suffering at the hands of Covid 19. I've always been suss on the seemingly hypocritical stance the government has taken ie sporting events vs live music events. In my mind, it all comes down to dollars. Sport generates more money.
  10. 110% agree. Jerry Cantrell is an absolute legend. The way he harmonised with Layne and now William really sets them apart from other bands in this genre. For the newer listener wanting to taste a sample, I think Jar of Flies and the Unplugged albums are a good start.
  11. As a huge AIC tragic/fan, I'd recommend the OP also take a listen to their Jar of Flies/Sap EP, from which some of the tracks were chosen from to be performed on the Unplugged session. A stunning record which shows that some of these grunge bands weren't just one trick ponies.
  12. Great review Bill, thanks for taking the time to post. For a lot of people, a mid range MM cart is, not only more appropriate due to budget constraints, but also all they will ever need given the investment they're prepared to make on their vinyl rig.
  13. Card in the mailbox to be collected from the Post Office. But your point is somewhat valid, especially if you receive regular deliveries of records in the mail...
  14. Be sure to let us all know how you get on with the Reflex M after you've used it a little while 😉
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