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  1. All the best things come from Belgium Clive, beer, chocolate, Eddie Merckx....oh and my wife.
  2. Hi Ken, The chrome ended 401a’s are definitely the style icon, absolutely beautiful in the right setting. In comparisons however we have found the 401c to be the superior sounding speaker, removing the interference the chrome caps cause due to covering a third of each woofer has an audible effect. It also makes servicing far easier, those caps are glued on and very hard to remove. Personally I find the subtlety curved grill of the ‘C’s a beautiful piece design. However the old chromies will always be the iconic combination of style and sound. Good luck with your search.
  3. Great work deaux. Lots of fans of the mighty Gales here in Adelaide. The most important thing we have learnt is they require HUGE amounts of power up them before they show what they are truly capable of. @Peter_F is the resident Guru on all things Gale here on SNA.
  4. Conway Castle? Absolutely love the Welsh Castles. As a fourteen and fifteen year old I rode my bike all over Wales staying in the YHA’s. My trips were always planned around visiting Castle ruins. Not too many parents would let their kids ride off into the sunset a week at a time. I doubt in would be possible now, most likely get flattened like a pancake at the first roundabout. I certainly envy your view, magnificent.
  5. Lucky his name isn’t Eric, otherwise you would need a fish licence.
  6. Hello twofires. I am guessing that avoiding leather definitely removes a number of options. The trouble being that phones viewed as ‘premium’ often come with leather headbands or cups as part of up market selling structure. Obviously being stuck in Melbourne lockdown limits your ability to get out and have a listen. Personally I think it is really worth preparing a short list of headphones that avoid the leather situation and head down to A2A for a listen. Reading reviews I thought a number of the Fostex models would appeal but I found them bloody awful. The only way to
  7. They are huge! I very much doubt they get in the way anymore than other headphones, unless you are trying to fit your head through very narrow crevices, maybe not suitable for caving or playing soccer. No doubt those in the know will comment if these might fit the bill.
  8. I was the lucky punter who @Dr_Kevy sent his headphones to. As he states they were not to my personal tastes. We have talked about what was the best action to take from this point. Once again I wish to extend my gratitude for his generosity. I would be more than happy to send them on to you @jymy for the $100 they owe me plus postage. Should they prove not to your taste then the cycle could continue with the next new convert looking at options. Drop me a PM if this is of any help in your current situation. I was fortunate enough to purchase @Bengineer’s second hand Sony MD
  9. It doesn’t get more local than this, next suburb! I only have two definitions of wine, not bad and pretty bloody awful. This is not bad at all.
  10. The Almarrow is also absolutely beautiful in the flesh, the simple wooden outer chassis is a wonderful design, perfect with the right wood combinations. In Australia the WLM speakers show up at excellent prices second hand as the brand never got a strong foothold here. There are many variations and a thing called ‘diva control’. Some of their little boxes can act as passive preamps and eq. Let’s you Tailor your speaker to your tastes / room. @Gryffles is absolutely right , a 300B amplifier is a different beast to the big transmitter valves. It would be very worthwhile
  11. Experimentation time. My streaming via Tidal still sucks in comparison to CD, I need to investigate further. However putting a preamp in the chain certainly improves the quality of the headphones. Unfortunately I had a dying valve in there somewhere so lots of swapping about and fault finding. The very sad reality is that a headphone system ends up being just as complex, frustrating and costly as regular HiFi. Everything has to come together for that magical experience. Synergy is the life blood of musical reproduction. Higher resolution simply highlights an
  12. Hi BM, You are definitely on the right track. I needed to change the settings to stop streaming to my Squeezebox to get output at the headphone jack. How I had it configured at the time it would only do one or the other. Using my magnificent computing skills I managed to to bugger it all up so nothing worked! Fortunately a friend came over and fixed it, now everything works again. The lesson here is that I really shouldn’t play around with computers! Cheers
  13. Very glad to hear it was $19 and not some outrageous amount warweary, obviously still very disappointing. On a happier note I have had lots of good news. Due to my super duper computer skills I managed to stuff up my Tidal account so it wouldn’t stream to the Squeezebox or play via the headphone output. Luckily my great friend @christosd came over, spent an hour rebooting everything and now I can do either. However he also pointed out that I can use the USB out from the Squeezebox to feed a DAC and leave the CD player in the rack. Nice and easy. Then if I want to stream
  14. Having just purchased a pair of Sony Z1R’s from @Bengineer I can assure you he maintains his equipment in pristine condition, is an absolute pleasure to deal with and has the item in the post before you have time to breath.
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