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  1. Further information: Sony PS X6 Direct drive turntable, needs work Realy nice TT that sounds great. Plinth is a slab of aluminium that weights 10.5 kg. Anti skate works well. And it keeps speed well. But Works most of the time when used manualy but some times arm will not go down unless you turn it off and back on. Using auto, arm moves across but lands too far in and no matter how I adjust it I can't get it right. Will not auto return at the end of the record but will stop and return if you use the stop button. I have spent far too long working on this, cleaning , lubricating , adjusting, repacked the tone arm so it drops nice and slow and a lot of time just stairing at it. And it is time to let some one else have a go. $50 with out new cart and head shell a $100 with. PM me if you are intrested Pick up only , will not post I am in The Gap, 9k west of the city Photos: But
  2. As @SL1200 mentions ''Worth doing? Yes but only because the labour cost was nothing"". The $5 arm damping is only really a $5 upgrade if you have the skill to disconect and reconect the tone arm wiring yourself. I have seen arm damping done with rubber O rings placed on the tonearm. @cafe latte do you think this would have the same affect as internal damping? Also I assume that the Kab oil damper is not an option for my DJing SL1200 MK2s as I need to transport them.
  3. Hi and welcome to the site. I am also a vinyl collector from Brisbane. What sort of turntable are you after.
  4. I was a bit dubious at first but I think it looks really nice and What Hi Fi give it a good review, taking in to account it's price. Most people would be happy and satisfied with it as a first turntable. But I cant see what cartridge it uses and it appears that adjustments to tracking weight and anti skate are not available so upgrading the cart/ stylus would be limited. I do not think you will find any thing better for the price and you could buy a lot worse. If you decide you like vinyl this could be a good introduction and if you trade up latter you will probably get most of your money back.
  5. Fascinating. Thanks for posting. Me with Wilko and some of my Wilko collection.
  6. Hi Clive Welcome to the forum. The CEC BA 600 is a very simple turntable so not likely to be too much wrong with it. The tape on the motor pully was probably some one trying to adjust the speed. Changing the speed just moves the belt to a different pully so unlikely to really have much impact on the overall constant speed issue. After many years of no use the motor spindle may need a couple of drops of lubrication or there may be a capacitor that controls the motor that is on its way out. First try some oil on the top of the motor spindle ,under the motor pully. There are some times lubrication holes that take oil to the motor shaft by wicking it in place with string. This is a link to the owners manual on Vinyl Engine. https://www.vinylengine.com/library/cec/ba-600.shtml
  7. This is what I use, purchased new, a couple of years ago. You will need to add a phono. But with the 15% off, it currently comes in at $296.65 , leaving plenty for a separate phone and perhaps a upgraded cart. Claimed 100watts at 6 ohms and you can latter add a sub. \https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/112932586950 Amplification & Design Application Type: Direct Energy Analogue Discrete 2ch Amplifier 100 W/ch (6 ohms, 1 kHz, THD 1.0 %, 1ch Driven) Screw Type Speaker Terminals Compatible with Thick Cables Audio Features Direct Mode THD: 0.08 % (20-20,000 Hz, Half Power) S/N Ratio: LINE In, SP Out 100 dB Tone Controls: Bass (100 Hz)/Treble (10 kHz): ±10 dB Frequency Response: DIRECT 10 Hz-100 kHz, +1 dB/-3 dB Convenience Features Bluetooth® Wireless Technology (Ver. 4.2, Profile: A2DP/AVRCP, Codec: SBC/AAC) AM/FM (RDS) Tuner with 40 Station Presets Preset Station Naming (Up to 10 Characters) Speaker A/B Selector FL Display Sleep Timer Auto Standby SR Remote Control Terminals Phones 1 out Analogue Audio in (CD, NET WORK, LINE 1, LINE 2) Line 2 out Subwoofer Preout
  8. Well the 24 volt motor up grade is worth $299 so this is a bit of a bargain IMO I paid a tec to do the soldering for me and after it was completed realised I had put the bearing back upside down so it all had to come apart again. Luckily the tec took pity on me and did not charge me the second time.🙂
  9. I used a Planar 3 as my main turntable for a number of years and was happy with it. It is almost certain that the belt that controls the anti skate will have perished. To repair it you have to dismantle the tone arm and unsolder and then resolder the tone arm wires. And it is not that easy a job. I am in Brisbane and have a new belt to repair the anti skate, that you are welcome to, if you go ahead with the purchase.
  10. I am happy with the blank record method and would go with that. '' below the 1, '' Try both and have listen.
  11. And what cart do you have presently fitted.
  12. If it is accepted that slower the turning speed the better, this may be the answer. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/232035758451 Or this one rated 3kg lower and cheaper https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/231084593646 Not totally convinced of the need, as Ultrasonic cleaners use Cavitation, when bubbles suddenly form and then collapse within microseconds at local low-pressure zones to clean. So if the bubbles form and then collapse within microseconds why would the speed of record rotation matter ? N
  13. The Audio Technica AT-XP7 DJ arrived about a week ago and I have done one gig with it and some swapping around with a Shure M44-7 with an original stylus and one with a Jico stylus. The Audio Technica AT-XP7 DJ has a high out put and a full sound with a lot of clarity and detail. I am very happy with it. The Shure M44-7 with an original stylus had the same high out put and not quite the same full sound , clarity and detail. But it still sounds good, especially considering it came with one of my SL1200 Mk2s and could have seen a lot of use and be thirty years old! The Shure M44-7 with a new jico stylus, although it sounded ok, was a disappointment compared to the the other two. Lower out put level and the sound is just not as good. Not too much of a surprise as I was comparing an old cartridge with a conical stylus to a new cart with mil elliptical stylus. So I think my recommendation would be if you have a Shure M44-7 and it needs a new stylus, you are probably better of with a new Audio Technica AT-XP7 DJ.
  14. I use a vacuum to get most of the water off and then let them sit in a rack until completely dry. I started vacuuming them as I had problems with putting records back in their sleeves, that looked dry but were not completely dry.
  15. Hi Andy Afraid your links don't work for me 🙂 The first BBQ Motor that you link to, looks like the one I use. Although some people say the motor should turn as slow as possible ,I am not that bothered about the speed. The Ultrasonic cleaners work by microscopic bubbles forming on the surface of the record and then immediately bursting, so I cant see that speed of rotation is that much of an issue. As long as it is reasonably slow. I do not lift the motor and LP's up all in one go. the motor stays in place and records are removed on the spindle with the spacers. The pictures on page two of my original post should show this more clearly. I tried to make it as simple as possible and now just have brackets either side, with out the frame round the tank. Or If you look through this thread it may be more obvious how it is constructed. Owen based his frame on mine but made it from stainless steel. My thoughts on the bracket you have pictured is that there would be a lot of weight on one point and it would be hard for the bracket not to sag. More than one way to skin a cat so I am sure what ever you come up with will work for you.
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