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  1. Sorry to hear about the news Andy. 100% trusty seller here folks, and Andy looks after his gear very well. Buy with confidence.
  2. Great price! Just wandering if you could check and see if there's any etched code on the glass please?
  3. Hi, awesome speakers and system. Will you be selling your Radford too? Cheers.
  4. Danny Digital did the work on this? That's quality guaranteed. Danny knows his stuff. Beautiful machine by the way ?
  5. In general I would avoid Russian valves but I understand that other people might like them.
  6. Darn cheap for this quality amp. May I ask what valves are used? Any rectifier valve? And what are the driver and power valves? Thanks.
  7. Looks like Triaxiom drivers if I am not wrong. Cabinets look okay but I doubt there are ARU units in them. Anyways, if the drivers are indeed Triaxiom, they sell about $1k or more depending on condition. This would be a great find.
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