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  1. Item: 240v to 100v Step Down Transformer Price Range: $0-20 Item Condition: Used Working Extra Info: Got a new 2nd hand turntable being delivered next week and need a 240v to 100v step down transformer to test its all working while I build my own 240-24vdc external power supply 😈 Hoping someone has one gathering dust that they are will to lend or sell cheap. Happy to leave a deposit and pay beers/bottle of wine if you're willing to loan. I'm located Inner West Melbourne...... collection restrictions dependant 😔
  2. Hi Kaynin, Mind sharing the cabinet makers details? Got excited when I saw that, but for the price might try custom made first.
  3. I've been searching for an Entertainment Unit 1.6-1.8m long which will fit my Denon AVR-X3400H for over a year now. The Denon appears to be a standard AVR size 435w x 400d+25knobs x 170h I just can't find a unit which will fit it, the depth is the biggest issue. Are modern TV units not designed for AVRs anymore? They assume everyone just has soundbars now? Any ideas? Show me what you've got? Looking for a "low line" unit which will conceal all the cables. Are stands/racks the only option for people wanting a full sized AVR and surround sound?
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