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  1. Great to hear Andy. I like the way you use plugs for resistors rather than dip switches. I read that Graham Tricker from Tron prefers them to dip switches as well.
  2. I had an earlier version on loan a few years ago and I agree it is a very good unit and IMO much better than the PS Audio. I always thought the PS Audio was overrated. The model I had was battery operated and industrial in design. The wooden box that Andy made was Australia Post proof. Well worth an audition.
  3. @Marcthis would be very hard to beat. Relative bargain price as well. Here for sale is Graham Tricker’s personal Tron Seven Dual Mono Phono Stage in GT spec which means you have a completely separate phono stage amplifier for each channel. The improvement in soundstage width and depth as well as image placement has to be heard to be believed. It has been built to the highest standard and is fully silver wired and is probably the best phono stage money can buy. Currently it is in MM configuration and is best used with an SUT (Step-Up Transformer), but it can easily be converted to
  4. Looks great. Will your bearing be okay with the weight?
  5. I always connect the wires before aligning my cart but it does make sense do it afterwards. That would also depend upon access. Good advert for the Wally.
  6. The Decca carts are very popular but my reading was that arm matching is critical.
  7. Does that mean the Pass Labs didn’t make the grade?
  8. Item: Lenco L75 or GL75 Price Range: Fair MV Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I thought it was about time I started a project and these turntables tick a lot of boxes. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  9. Is this the same arm? https://chorltonanalogue.com/collections/the-any-key/products/sme-3009-series-ii-early-split-weight-tonearm?variant=39247052013650
  10. Hi Chris, I always recommend hifi shark for a reference point. https://www.hifishark.com/model/thorens-td-125
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