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  1. I don't Hector I'm sorry - not my fave album of his so no idea. Looks like you'll need to do the compare. 👍
  2. Going cheap: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324712662516
  3. There's a young Aussie artist named Ruel who is huge with the kids, and he's releasing a couple (3 in total) of 7" singles for this RSD Drop. Prices? Try $58 a piece. RSD always was, and probably always will be, a senseless cash grab. Frankly, it's embarrassing and the industry should be more ashamed of themselves than they usually are.
  4. I bought a super clean Yamaha GT-2000 last night. I'm going to sell the Pioneer turntable non-working, with it's sad little story, on eBay (against my instincts to stay away from them now) as I haven't a clue what would be reasonable to ask for it. The market can decide. Thanks everyone for the input and the help.
  5. I don't want to copy you, but I might.... 😄
  6. It was an insurance job - his insurance. He took the hit, and paid me out in cash within a week of the agreement. For which I can only thank and and admire his action.
  7. With the greatest respect and thanks, there is zero public info available about the quality of the work done here. Any more than was available about the people who just wrecked my turntable..... I've also bought an amp that was 'repaired' by these guys and it's, lets say, less than perfect.
  8. Oh, and though it rarely gets discussed in audiophile circles it seems, there is a Sony that is a knock-out which I've also got my eye on: the PS-8750
  9. Thanks to everyone that's dived in here: great community. 🙏 To update you on the facts, and where I'm at and the thinking: the tech put an Aus adaptor over the Jap plug and simply plugged it in to 240V mains. Boom. I have full replacement cost for the blown table in my pocket, from the servicer, and the table and carts back. I'm struggling to find a reputable tech who has time to see any of my stuff: the only guy I fully trust 100% is in Perth, and he's fully booked of course. The service manual for a PL-50L is unobtainium. While the PL-70L is avai
  10. I've already been refunded the full retail cost of the table. Can't ask for much more than that from them. they f&*#ed up, and they're sorry. I'm listening to you - finding another tech right now is super difficult however in Melbourne.
  11. Repairer says they can't fix it - they blew the board they think, and don't know what else to do.
  12. Some of you may have read that my Pioneer PL-50L, a Japanese table running at 100V, was plugged by an audio tech into our 240V mains during a cart install, without a power transformer in-between to protect it. FFfffZZzzzzzz! 🙃 Hey, mistakes happen. I now own a slightly expensive boat anchor.... With the table now back in my possession, and being less than useful for actually playing records at my place, I'm thinking perhaps I could part the thing out? Taking it apart and getting those parts would be easy, but as I no longer sell on eBay at all, is Gumt
  13. Great news Russ! Happy US-ing!
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