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  1. Recently caught up with a couple of old friends and we shared some very special bottles. These were just sublime.
  2. A Custom dust cover for my TT, from Groove Audio
  3. I've also had a great experience with Groove Audio A custom Dust Cover for my Brinkmann Spyder. Paul was great to deal with, took about 12 days, great packaging, and the Cover is very well made. I'd highly recommend him. Cheers
  4. Thanks Mark Was a great afternoon to just catch up with a good friend and play some great music with nice wine, beer and food. No critical listening, no assessing gear, just having fun. It's been a few years since I listened to the system, and some of the gear has changed, but was still sounding great - one of the best I've listened to. The K-tel record was a Best Of Collection from Lyn Anderson - corny country and western , but sounded amazing. If they can make this sound good, on a $1 secondhand , best of, 40+ year old record, there really is no excuse for anything else to sound crap ( as they often do). I don't think a K-tel record has ever graced the death star system. Mark can provide some info on the records he chose, but I brought some 1st pressings of Ziggy Stardust ( Bowie) and Synchronicity (Police - side 2 is probably one of the best album sides every recorded, song after magnificent song with no weaknesses. The Joshua tree and Blonde on Blonde may be the only other albums with equally good sides), and Sticky Fingers. There was also a Mofi 1-step Bill Evans ( Village Vanguard) , Guns N'Roses ( Chinese Democracy - somewhat ironic , beautifully recorded, and may upset the current Em....ror of China), and a record from Mojo Magazine - Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde - covers - The version of Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands is just superb, and the recording is amazing. Finally, I brought some 50s Art Pepper Mono Pressings. Mark treated me to a great pressing of the Immaculate Collection (Madonna), and the best version of Kick (INXS) I've heard, and a great pressing of The Wall. The Robert Plant sounded great, as did the 45 of Sade. The afternoon also reminded me about how much I enjoy listening to music I'm familiar with and like. Much as I've tried to explore and get into new music , I so often find myself coming back to what's familiar and comfortable. At the end of the day its popular music for a good reason. Thanks for a great afternoon Mark. I'm hoping to have a similar session at my place soon. Cheers Suresh
  5. ABBA has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Looking forward to this.
  6. What a great idea. This sounds like a fantastic event. If it wasn't for Lockdowns/travel issues and the risk of quarantine , I'd be happy to fly over from Adelaide to attend this. It's almost impossible to compare the different cartridges in a range at one event, and it would take a very trusting dealer to lend you multiple cartridges to try at home!
  7. Hi Marc @cheekyboy and Stuart should have a Brinkmann Edison MkII in Melbourne that you can listen to. I'd highly recommend it - valves, MC and MM, 3 inputs, balanced + unbalanced, mono switch, lots of loading options, remote control Most importantly, it sounds superb! Cheers
  8. Hi Marc I'd throw in my vote for the Brinkmann Edison MKII as well. Also, with its multiple (3) inputs and remote control, it may be very useful for you as a reviewer as it will easily allow you to compare different decks, arms, etc. Having local support (@cheekyboy, and Stuart at SGR) would be a bonus. Cheers Suresh
  9. I am, but I try not to combine too much wine and vinyl. It's much easier to damage a cartridge or a record than a CD/DAC/Streamer
  10. You're in big trouble. This is as bad as wine. In 2012, I had no records and no record player. Now there's this
  11. Sorry for the late reply on this. Thanks Tax, and to everyone who answered, as well as those who PMd me. I'm definitely not a tweaker - between a busy job, increasingly busy kids ( 11 and 13), and other vices/hobbies, I don't get a lot of time to listen, so when I do, I just want to sit back and enjoy ( preferably with a cold beer or a nice red!) I did go through the process of fine tuning the speaker positions about 18 months ago, and that did make a big improvement ( I think it's now pretty close to how the big Kyron System sounded when we were playing with it in my room a few years ago - for the Adelaide guys who remember that) There's still a few hundred hours or more on the Archon, so there's no imminent need to get something new . To be honest, I don't feel the system is really lacking in anything at the moment. I was just wondering what if?.... When the Archon needs to be replaced, how much better could things get by moving up the chain with better cartridge ( Acoustical systems or something else ? Or would the money be better spent on a new tonearm (Acoustical systems) or the Brinkmann RoNT power supply for the TT. Some of these are easier to try at home than others, and I'll definitely be in touch with Keith @cheekyboy , Stuart and Harry at SGR, as well as Simon and Ben at HifiGuru. If/when I go down that path, I'll share my experiences and thoughts on what I try on SNA Cheers
  12. A classic Amp. I bought mine 27 years ago with the matching pre, and it still looks and sounds great. GLWS
  13. Thanks to everyone who replied to this thread, and who've shared their experiences. The difficulty is obviously being able to demo cartridges in your own system, or even comparing different cartridges in the same system. When it's easier to travel again, I'd hope to visit Harry in Melbourne, and if he still has the 2 arm Balance, compare the Palladium and Archon on the same TT/system. I'll also get in touch with Warwick at Sonic Purity if I'm thinking of a Lyra Here in Adelaide, I may be able to convince a friend to bring over a Lyra to listen to on my TT. Simon, at VAF in Adelaide, offered to bring over and set up one of the top end Soundsmiths in my system a couple of years ago after I listened to them at the VAF showroom and also the Melbourne show. It was a very kind offer which I didn't take up at the time as I wasn't looking seriously enough and didn't want to trouble him. However , thats the type of service I'd be hoping for when making a purchase of this type. Before I bought my Brinkmann rig, Keith @cheekyboy brought a Bardo/Archon over from Melbourne, set it up, and left it with me for a weekend to listen to. Exceptional service once again. Cheers Suresh
  14. Thanks. I'd probably err more towards warmth than overly detailed or clinical. Were you able to listen to the 2 different cartridges in the same system? Cheers Suresh
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