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  1. Be interested to know the results from using these good luck with the search
  2. There is a a14 rotel in the classifieds could suit you well
  3. Hi Max 123 will help the sale if you list what's in the bundle glws
  4. Was just looking up the cambridge one from last week would have been ideal but its sold Good luck
  5. Pretty sure i have a couple of the au plugs pm if interested
  6. The was a digital view tuner recently also
  7. I could use coax rca or optical or xlr but looks like digital 110 ohm xlr will be better for the long run Thanks for the heads up
  8. Wanting to use a good cd transport i have to connect to my headphone amplifier No room on the desk Will a 5metre digital xlr cable work well or being too long have issues? David
  9. Been a few dab tuners in the classifieds recently have you had a look back a few weeks?
  10. Hi Looks like caxton audio have one on there second hand list
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