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  1. It's ok - I just read ASR website and all you need is a $100 Topping DAC.🤗
  2. Let me be serious for a moment. It's difficult to do, mind you, with certain people batting their wings wildly with accusations of condescension and rudeness— perhaps you're confused between someone addressing the argument and the person? Stop being so sensitive! I'll definitely own up to being flippant, however! And there's no excuse for flippancy....🤕 In my defence, it's tiresome to read posts from inexperienced people, their familiar little pokes: transports don't matter; blind-tests rule; a Stack Audio Link II streamer is just a Raspberry PI so why pay m
  3. No point explaining this to someone who believes all transports sound the same, and relies on blind-testing to come to this conclusion. I got straight to the point and said 'youre wrong' because the OP and others would be led astray by your principles—which really is what you're pushing here. After all, the OP has a $7000 budget and by your recommendation he'd spend $1000 on a transport and $6000 on a DAC. Awful advice.
  4. Yep, for a universal streamer-DAC that's hard to beat. But you really have to know and like the DAC's sound signature to take the plunge on an all-in-one.
  5. Sorry, but that's completely wrong - on every point. Quoted for misguidedness!
  6. Some good advice and some not-so-good: in digital audio the transport, be it of the spinning or streaming variety, is just as important as the DAC in my experience. So spend equal amounts on both or near enough, or get an extremely good all-in-one. (I prefer separates personally).
  7. You obviously haven't compared a pi with a well-designed streamer.
  8. Everything is supported, as the website will tell you😉 The Link II is an extremely good sounding streamer, housed in a weighty chunk of aluminium, the inner workings designed by digital guru John Westlake. Natural-sounding tonality, very low noise-floor, balanced signature across the frequency range. According to Theo Stack, many Link users pipe Qobuz or Tidal through Roon, and are happy campers. The Link also supports HQPlayer's NAA protocol so that can be used as a Roon endpoint too. Personally I prefer to stream local files and for everyday listening I u
  9. I'd spend $5000 - on separates: Stack Audio Link II with matching linear supply Denafrips Pontus DAC
  10. McCoy Tyner - The Real McCoy Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage Thelonious Monk - Monk's Dream Dave Brubeck - Time Out Kenny Drew - Undercurrent
  11. Thanks for the advice. I made the mistake of trying a Boos maple cutting board - which, of course, is a bunch of inch-wide strips of wood glued together to form a 'plank'. Utterly horrible for sound quality! Fortunately I found a use for it—in the kitchen!!
  12. These sorts of threads pop up regularly, propelled by statistics that really only apply to the mainstream and the Hi-Fi industry as a whole. The underlying implication is that hardware-based sources like CD transports and record players are out-dated and an expensive waste of time. It justifies the idea that streaming is a far better, and cheaper, alternative. But to people with experience, that idea is an illusion. To equal the sound quality of a good CD transport, a computer audio / streaming system requires a large financial outlay and a lot of know-how.
  13. Prices for out-of-print CDs have risen steadily over the past five years, I've noticed, and many coveted recordings (particularly classical and jazz) are now impossible to find. Still, a recent Darko video on hi-res audio came with a useful reminder: audiophiles make up a very small segment of the population. Our musings on audio formats are but a drop in the mainstream ocean!
  14. There absolutely are differences between CD rips when different hardware / computers / operating systems / power supplies etc are used. Same with burning CDRs - which I still do on occasion. How picky we are is up to the individual, of course, and with rips in particular I personally don't sweat too much over variations in sound quality, especially since 75% of my library comprises downloaded files.
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