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  1. And yet his son has talent and a voice that's incredible.
  2. I rip to WAV with dbpoweramp and it has all the metadata and cover art I need. I don't trust FLAC, so WAV all the way for me and no complaints at all. Whatever you choose, get it right because having to re-rip is a P.I.T.A.
  3. Very nice! This is what I've upgraded my tubes to - * 5998 Tung Sol, US Made, NOS (matched pair) for the 6080 power tubes * Sylvania 6SN7GT for the drivers * 596 USAF for the rectifier
  4. I love this movie, so many messages. Great to hear it holds up picture and audio wise.
  5. Awesome listening room. Those Duntechs are beautiful.
  6. Sennie HD800s are a completely different headphone. I was never a fan, went hifiman 1000 instead, but more comparable as like for like rather than comparing lcd 2’s with them.
  7. Your source is accurate. Welcome
  8. Mate according to A2A the Auralic Taurus headphone amplifier was made to pair with the LCD 2 & 3. Having heard both combinations, I can only attest that it's a superb combo. Not sure how that will fit in to your budget though....second hand will be the answer.
  9. Yes, very true. Was keen to pick your thoughts, is all. Your experiences are very well documented here and easily followed by all, and at the end of the day this is the best test of all. Stoked you're back listening to the system, BTW.
  10. Your landlord has a brain! I have a unit where I've put the rent up by $10 once in 9 years. The occupant is a hard working single mum who works three jobs. She deserves a break.
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