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  1. Yeah, agreed 100%. People always try to squeeze in as much seating as possible, I know I did the first time around. I have a new seating arrangement now. I've gone from 6 smaller seats to 3 large ones, and am so much happier at how it comfortably sits in the space.
  2. Streaming, CD's and vinyl. All used and listened to differently, but each achieves its purpose perfectly.
  3. Getting a show like this up and running in the current climate would be nothing to sneeze at.
  4. Not really mate, I know what I’m on about. 😂
  5. Nope. I’ve used high quality gear from 2.1 to 5.1 through to now 7.2.6, and my Atmos system sounds best. As @evil c says, the embedded extra tracks are worthwhile. You need to listen to better Atmos systems!
  6. Well, about time. As I’ve said before, nothing to worry about. If we have to go in to a lockdown, we’re in the perfect place! Looking forward to tickets on sale, I’ll have the cc ready…
  7. He posted in your giveaway thread the following week.
  8. Aranmar Acoustics in Moorabbin. http://www.aranmaracoustics.com.au/ Workmanship is A1. John has been making entertainment cabinets for years, so he knows what you’ll want.
  9. You should always target and aim your speakers to the MLP anyway, so a good decision.
  10. I see how it happens, and ensuring the system suits the needs and goals is the most important step in all of it. My systems were growing as a single man and then in marriage, kids came along and they stayed stagnant for the first two years, then they've taken right off. Now my kids love movies in the movie room, and dance like crazy ion front of my monos and Epitome towers. I had fences in front of the gear for four years, I'm so happy I've removed those barriers now and the floor space is just more room to dance.
  11. Yes, it’s all about selling a look to a certain demographic, and that demographic doesn’t analyse what’s being served up. When the look is no longer fashionable, the artist disappears. Quality music will always remain, and sound great no matter which decade it’s being listened to. It would be nice to live in a world without auto-tune though…
  12. Yeah, a 5.1.2 system is definitely overkill. I recently bought a Sonos soundbar (the small one), and am very happy for what it does. What I especially like is that I can stream music to it, as well as tv and movies. It’s an added feature that many soundbars don’t do (I think…). Your other option is a headphone set-up. You can get excellent results - without disturbing too many people. My study is about the same size as your room and I have my headfi set-up in there, I couldn’t be without it.
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