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  1. They classic Rega’s do come up once and a while but they’re gone in 30 secs or the asking prices are usually silly. Thanks for suggesting the second hand cart route. I’ll have a look at the second hands carts just to get an idea. I am missing the warmth of vinyl after a 4 year split from it so yes, I know regardless of whichever I buy I’ll enjoy it. At least till I’m reminded again of what a time consuming process dealing with vinyls is, then I’ll probably sell it out again 😄
  2. Thanks for the input. Normally I don’t have any probs making decisions of this nature, I mean price for either aren’t house buying figures, but it’s the form difference that seems to be the hurdle. With the P6 you are getting a ‘real’ traditional turntable complete with proper cover and as we all know, like them or not they do the job they’re intended for, while with the P8 you’re getting a pretzel that comes with a cover that’s not really a cover. I really need to see and hear both in the flesh. Any recommendations or knowledge where I can audition both at the one stor
  3. For $1000 extra though? I’ll just have to find somewhere that I can hear both…
  4. As the title states I’m looking at returning to Vinyl after selling my RP6 about three years ago. I still have a GrooveTracer Delrin platter and matching ref sub-platter which I know I can reuse on the P6 and by the look of it the P8 if I buy one. The RP6 with GrooveTracer add ons was a brilliant setup. just wondering what the general consensus is with regard to the table to buy considering there is a $1k diff in retail pricing. Is the p8 with Ania still miles ahead of the P6 with Ania Pro? also; what sought if pricing should I be aiming at with
  5. I have owned two of these beasts, bought new, and BOTH suffered from intermittent tracking issues related to the DVD drive. Obviously yours doesn’t. Typically once BLURAY arrived having them repaired for the $600 being asked was not worth it , Despite the intermittent fault I still managed to sell each for $500 in that condition, so you should have no issue getting your price for a fully working version. These were from the era when Denon made NOTHING but sensational, and genuinely ‘Made In Japan’, excellence. Hard to believe but new I paid $5700 each for both new and I got them very ch
  6. Agreed. I have the360D, full spec , 350P and the 400m x2 and I will NEVER sell them.. I just couldn't afford to get back in to Moon if I did, and regretted it.
  7. Mate that is a crazy price for such a good piece of equipment and I know because I own the 360D myself. Should already be sold. GLWS.
  8. Just wondering where you got your custom unit made? Any pics of it available?
  9. No my location has got all that but I'm thinking calibrating in less than ideal settings is never going to result in the best results. Doing a calibration at night would be the answer but probably impractical.
  10. Just purchased a Optoma P2 projector and the Vividstorm 84" motorised projector. Have a great pic already but why do things by half is I'm now seeking assistance from a calibration expert in Melbourne with the calibration setting up of the image.
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