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  1. Silver Dragon used probably cheapest quality pure silver. Lot of the cheaper pure silver is pretty trash, heaps of the Aliexpress stuff, even some of those Lavricable ones that use solid wire, not stranded. The pure silver litz I wanted to get in was like 8 POUND per foot per wire. So 4 braid 6 footer would end up like $350 just for the wire, but it is proper high end quality thick gear. Might still just get some in and make one. Pure copper litz I just made one with is super nice, can imagine the pure silver being just as impressive.
  2. Thanks bud. Fancy looking wire helps. I think the new Eidolic 3.5mm plugs have a color coded ring on the back that screws on and labels L/R neater. Will see when next ones arrive, if they ever do.
  3. Thought I'd whip out what's left of the fancy connectors and the best wire I have for my own cable. Extended barrell 3.5mm connectors to slide past the Final D8000 locking system. Eidolic only make Rhodium (silver) 1/4” Jacks, and Gold extended barrels. But that's ok. 👌👌👌
  4. Bump. Buy it now before it becomes a door stop and gets all scratched up and then when you buy it anyway it'll have scratches on it but I won't sell it any cheaper because I told you so mate.
  5. Further information: Clearing out everything bar the essentials. Mint condition. All accessories and box. A2A Reciept. This one: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/ifi-audio/products/ifi-audio-micro-idsd-signature-portable-headphone-amp-dac
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