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  1. Hi @Praggers, I'm in Canberra and am a working DJ so these would get a lot of love from me ! Let me know when I could come to pick them up. Would be happy to sling you a few six packs as a token of thanks. Cheers Alex
  2. lips


    I have a Denon 103 that needs a new cantilever and a Denon 304mk1 that needs retipping. Would do a good price for both. Can provide Garrot Brother's quote for budget repair options. I don't have the time or turntables at the moment to undertake the repairs. Let me know if interested and good luck with your search
  3. Item: JBL 4333a or similar vintage studio/pa monitor Price Range: 2-5K Item Condition: Extra Info: Hi all Seeking a pair of JBL 4333a or other JBL 4xxx series speakers. Ideally would be well presented, fully functional and original. Also interested in Klipsch La Scala or Klipschorn or large format ESS Heill Rock Speakers. Am located in Canberra but will travel NSW or can organise freight. Thanks Alex
  4. Thanks you were right. Streaming was fine. I'll have to check their plan re data limits. I would still like to have a go at finding the wiring issue. There is no ceiling space per se in the living room. Its a vaulted roof, so I suspect the cabling is run through the walls. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks gents. I will try the internet connection as a last resort, but it is only adsl (all that is available here) so probably not fast enough for reliable streaming. I’m really just wondering why two tvs would work but not the third, presumably they’re all patched into the same antenna. I would have thought the length of the cable run wouldn’t result all reception being lost, rather than just a loss of quality. I’ll keep troubleshooting till I run out of ideas then get a pro in.
  6. My parents have just bought a new place in the remote blue mountains. There are three tvs, two receiving FTA coverage fine. One a Sony Bravia KDX smart TV in the living room, is unable to find any digital stations via auto scan. It looks like it was previously connected to FOX, as there is a pair of FOX coax outputs which are not the same connecter as the standard coax in on the TV. There is another normal coax running into a wall receptacle (not a connector socket) but the TV is not picking up any channels with it connected. I can't pull it out of the wall receptacle so it seems like its still fixed in. With a small indoor DVBT active antenna i can not pick anything up either. Anyone have any ideas on where the trouble might be? Seems unlikely that its the actual reception as the other two TVs seem fine. Could the fox installer have cut the regular coax cable? That was mentioned as a possibility in other threads I've read. Should i try get an adapter from Jaycar and run into the FOX coax sockets? There was conflicting information about whether this would work in other threads. Cheers for any suggestions!
  7. Potentially interested and might be driving up to Sydney next weekend... Have you got any more pics of the 18s?
  8. Hey top shelf. No no measurements of insulation effect unfortunately we were pretty close to deadline when installing so didn't have time to spare. It is noticeably better. Much less reverb and improved intelligibility. Would definitely recommend. Easy enough to mount yourself as well in a professional way for the floating type invisible mounting. We used springs with a diameter of about 3cm and twisted them in. The actual fixings use a similar system but cost a whole lot. Was going to be almost as much as the panels themselves
  9. For sure void has some great speakers but I've never heard a bar implementation that is amazing. Meyer is quality.
  10. Choice of Xone 96 or djm 900 nexus 2 Technics 1200s with Shure m44s or cdj 900 nxs Soundcraft u24i Xilica processing, powersoft and qsc amps
  11. Yeah definitely, we put an acoustic cloud of 35 x 2400mm x 1200mm panels of 50mm csr martini absorb HD in the roof space over the dance floor which has improved the decay time significantly. You can have a intelligible conversation while the dance floor is at 105db A weighted. Still further treatments we would like to do but the owners are hesitant to put more in and around the bar walls for aesthetic reasons. As always it's a balance
  12. Hi for anyone interested, you can check the completed venue and system at Sideway - 21 east Row Canberra https://www.facebook.com/sideway-320408698613117/
  13. Item: BMS 4550 1" compression driver pair Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi, Seeking a pair of these to recommission some old unity horns. Based in Canberra. Thanks Alex
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