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  1. Listed Price for each. Ultra low noise power supplies. $10 flat AUS postage each.
  2. Price is each. When you listen to your system, you are actually listening to the AC mains supply. This makes the most important cables in your system the ones feeding power into the equipment. They are responsible for the raw material that gets turned into the sound. Nordost employs FEP insulation and its high-speed, low-loss Micro Mono-Filament construction to deliver the best possible power source for your system. The Blue Heaven Power Cord seems like a conventional, three-core AC cord, but don't be fooled. The use of Nordost's proven, proprietary high-speed, low-loss Micro
  3. Hardly used 518 Sennheiser headphones. Everything looks as new apart from the felt pad covers which looks a little older probably just sitting badly in box. Overview The HD 518 open, circumaural headphones prove that quality and affordability can go hand in hand. They are fitted with Sennheiser’s innovative E.A.R. technology to ensure accurate channeling of audio signals into your ears while their sophisticated Duofol diaphragms reduce unwanted resonances to an absolute minimum. To amplify your listening pleasure even further, their generously padded earpads and he
  4. Simply stunning and powerful NBS digital AES /EBU cable. "Nothing but signal "as they say. New version Master 4 is $1375 US or $2000 Aussie so grab a bargain. Shipping inc Aus Wide. thanks for looking.
  5. Pair of matching Nordost Blue Heaven flatline rcas cables in 2 metre length. Very well reviewed and so easy to use, great IC's I think price is about right as 1 metre about $200 thanks for looking . Will include postage Aus wide.
  6. Great condition , high end Swedish cables. seriously awesome cables which come in two Original Wooden Boxes for the price, 70 percent off new-bargain high end cables. 1 pair of 2.5 Metre Entreq Challenger series 1 model 2010 Speaker Cables only - Challenger 2010 is the model number not the age. Also have a matching pair of xlr cables in seperate listing. \https://www.futureshop.co.uk/entreq-challenger-serie-ii-3v-speaker-cable-pair Awesome cables only just b
  7. What can you say but Superb ...this is a seriously high end pre amplifier . Reduced price further again for quick sale. 2 box state of the art and top of the line reference pre amp by the SWISS Rolls Royce of HiFi. Recently superseded. RRP was $35000 and its under 4 years old. New model now $45000 Stunning sound, Not alot of articles on Goldmund, the original guys also started Ch precision and champion high end audio in Switzerland and Europe. I believe the S stands for signature model, the newer model states signature rather than S. Unbelievable high end pre
  8. matching pack of unopened White foam from Arrow Zoom, RRP /$300 AUD plus freight 1 x 24 pcs Pyramid tiles - acoustic panels 25x25x5 cm pearl white 1x 24 pieces flat bevel tile pearl white
  9. Rives Parc, a very rare and very good analogue room compensation product with supplied disc, box and manual. RRP was $3200 US dollars or $4100 Aud I think price is about right its in excellent condition so offering at 70 percent off new price. Insured freight Aus wide included. Designed specifically to remove bass bloat and nulls and enhance room set up for those who cannot go to town on full room treatments.etc. The Rives Audio PARC is a purely analog (no digital conversions) 3 band / channel parametric equalizer that is inserted between preamp and amp (or
  10. Excellent condition and wonderful transport from PS Audio for sale. Also sounds good from the usb stick on the front. The Multi award winning transport capable of beautiful music and SACD playback with the right DAC. So many reviews and awards, For sale... RRP $8995 Approx Transport 2018( approx but no use for 6 months due owning other gear,)] as new remote , manual and original box for Transport, still has plastic on top plate so no marks at all. Pictured below with matching Dac ( not included for sale in this price) Thanks for
  11. Peter mate you are a genius they look wicked, I wish I could accommodate them but not now. GLWTS.
  12. Great package for an instant high end sound, plug in your front end and enjoy. GLWTS
  13. Absolutley amazing sound from this high end universal disc player, it can do it all, DVD audio and video, CDR's and of course CD, SACD. Original owner bought on East coast 10 years ago. I have used for a week or so but I have multiple players so one needs to go. It is very heavy about 20kilos. Condition is very very good- 2-3 very minor scratches hard to see to be honest. Incredibly well reviews back in its day its was expensive like all Esoteric gear. Cumulative price now is over 8000 USD or $11000 Aus. No original box but have something suitable to ship, remote and manual are per
  14. @Candyflip if you have not bought a table yet , they really have some amazing deals on this website.
  15. If you find one and get a couple of replies I need another one as well please. thanks
  16. First in, haha but please give to someone else Bill.
  17. Jungson make some every good equipment for the price, its amazing value for money. GLWTS
  18. Used once, so essentially a brand new 7inch record cleaner kit for Audio Desk pro cleaners. RRP 750 Audio Desk Single Adapter Kit allows 7" Vinyl Discs to be cleaned in the Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Record Cleaning Machine. The 7" Vinyl Adapter kit works efficiently and is easy to use! It comes packaged in a compact metal case for convenient storage. Design Although 7" Vinyl discs should theoretically be the size they're advertised as, these discs actually vary significantly from these diameters. This makes the development of a one size fits all adapter ver
  19. Rega Strobe Kit RRP $139 includes postage Aus wide. This accessory is designed to evaluate the speed of any turntable. The hand-held strobe unit generates a 100 Hz pulsed light source for use with the supplied 180-line stroboscopic disc. Designed as the perfect partner for the speed adjustable Rega Neo PSU. Simply place the supplied stroboscopic disc directly on the turntable mat. With the player running at 33 1/3 RPM hold the strobe LED directly above the lines to evaluate the speed of the turntable. How to use the Rega strobe: • With you
  20. HI face two model. http://www.adventuresinhifiaudio.com/28/04/2014/the-m2tech-hiface-two-usb-to-coax-converter-its-all-in-the-flavour/ A high performance, low jitter USB to s/pdif converter delivering up to 24/192 data from computer to DAC. It's low phase noise crystal oscillators, ensure very high performance when used with computers to deliver music playback. No drivers needed for Mac OSX and Big Sur or Linux. Windows driver is available. M2 Tech website offers comprehensive setup, FAQ, and troubleshooting guide and support that I can vouch for. Check out 6moons
  21. Wyred 4 Sound (W4S) uLink RRP $300 USD µLINK USB to S/PDIF Converter The µLINK is where top quality USB connectivity meets low jitter S/PDIFconversion. A high performance USB interface built around XMOS technology is the cornerstone for the mighty converter. Delivering low latency and low jitter communication is a fundamental building block to attain the best audio quality from your DAC. Seamless integration with any operating system ensures that this ‘link’ is built to last and can adapt to change. Designed into an ultra compact chassis with versatility in mind, the µLIN
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