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  1. Thanks for the link gents. Beautiful Roger Dean animation eh ! I was certain it was Jon Anderson ( The King of Prog)on vocals , which given the band hostilities, would have been a minor miracle. But Jon Davison really pulls it off, sounding exactly like the master. Steve sounds like Steve, and Geoff Downes has some great lines, and Alan White, who has been written off in recent years, brings it home. I don’t recognise the keys, is that Ricks’ son, Oliver? Over all, this is promising, but definitely B-YES. Not enough ideas to sustain it over nearly 7 minutes. What did you guys think? In
  2. 2007 biopic of JOY DIVISION singer IAN CURTIS. Generally well appreciated, and excellent, moody black/white.
  3. Fantastic footage of the TEST FOR ECHO tour mid nineties. IMHO they have a few sound issues at the start, with Alex all over the place, but they suddenly click and off they go. Neil does his awesome solo, and it includes a full length 2112, something of a rarity. What a totally awe inspiring band they were. Billy
  4. Partial to a bit of Hassell myself. Billy.
  5. Nice memory of such a great artist who passed a few weeks back. Billy
  6. The finest Aussie band album ever, even if it was recorded at Abbey Road.
  7. This full length, audio only version is currently up on the tube.. It’s a single mic , hand held effort, so the band sound is all over the place. Why it is essential listening for a Stones fan, or the curious, is the unedited audience chatter captured around the recorder. You also get dialogue from the stage, not all heard in the doco GIMME SHELTER. The presence of Hell’s Angels is marked by the escalating sense of fear and unfolding chaos heard in the shouts and calls from within the crowd. At one point, one of the crowd declares he has had it with bullshit, and he needs to get out,
  8. Always felt rather ambivalent about STYX. Whilst acknowledging the talent and production values, and apparently a great concert band, I always felt they came across as KANSAS - lite. A bit too complex for the U.S. tennyboppers, but not serious enough for hardcore progsters. I only retain the A.F. ‘ PARADISE THEATRE ‘ and a DVD-a of ‘ CYCLORAMA ‘ which does, I concede, have some decent surround antics happening. Now for a spin of the just arrived Intervention sacd of ‘ STARFISH ‘. Billy
  9. Not Nordic, more Canuck Cinema, so adequate snow and full fur to enjoy, CARDINAL a crime thriller set in the icy wastes of Canada. I binged it last evening, getting to bed around 01.00hr. Not for the faint of heart, but the narrative made sense, and the main characters rang true. Billy
  10. On befall of Mrs Mills , we are deeply offended. Billy ( Confidante and Spiritual Advisor )
  11. Re Mrs Mills, I am still waiting by the letterbox @progladyte. I have been very patient. Billy
  12. They were one of the first bands designated as ‘progressive rock’, along with the early VERTIGO bands and the likes ofManfred Manns’ Earth Band, May Blitz, Juicy Lucy etc. so, discernible blues influences, but from ‘ progressive ‘ came ‘ prog ‘. Billy
  13. 41 of the actual items, but alternative albums from the artists listed would bang the total up a bit. Will Mrs Mills appear on the next list? Billy
  14. Classic album this one. Featuring the carbon fibre throat of Jerry LaCroix. ‘ DYING TO LIVE ‘ is a song for these crazy days. The double- live album, ROAD WORK is bloody brilliant. Billy
  15. Love The Daily Doug. His episode on ‘. Close to the Edge’ was excellent, but my favourites are the two RUSH episodes : La Villa Stragiatto and ‘ 2112 ‘ - his face as he explores these two is priceless.👍 Billy
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