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  1. A well thought out response - as a fellow audio fool of a number of decades I confirm it was not click bait at all.... The problems arise in audiofoolery ( from personal experience) when you can no longer derive pleasure from the "casual listening" ie the music is lost in the machine... I remember a number of years dropping over to one of my colleagues - perhaps the finest classical musician - composer and conductor - that I know personally and found him listening to an Austrian orchestra's Christmas concert on a $80 mini system - and absolutely loving it. When i suggested he couldnt possibly be really enjoying the performance via that mode he looked at me as if I had 2 heads- I realised he was right - I had had my head in the audiofool lion's mouth too long ! The occasional epiphany is good for the soul... Thanks for your considered reply audiofeline!
  2. A simple point - boy that sounds like a horrible way to spend your time relaxing !
  3. Hi just wondering if the Mirages were still available at all thanks
  4. Hi just checking this unit is actually sold?..thanks
  5. Hi just wondering if anyone had experience with this transport as my acam alpha 8 has just died..I had been using the arcam to feed Proceed avp2 dacs and generally loved it ( mirage om6s and aragon8008bb) ...but a dedicated transport has always seemed like a better option...and now i I have no option but to replace the arcam in some form...Wondered if any comparisons could be made with say.audio gd 7 ,liitle dot,or any other recommended transport up to the $1000 mark...or perhaps a great used option...and whether the experts here believe that one of these dedicated transports would better another arcam used just as a transport...I have denon dcm 370 multi disc and an Oppo bd83 which are no match for the old arcam in bass performance or treble delicacy when used as transports. I do have a scph 1002 ps1 which when used thru the excellent analog pass thru on the avp 2 sounds brilliant with a lot of material....but again i miss the bass and dynamics of the arcam/proceed combination for many recordings thanks in advance for your collective thoughts
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