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  1. Geoff at Aurealis Audio (contactable on his website, but, unfortunately no longer on SNA) confirmed that these were the original R1 interconnects. They use a combination of silver and copper solid core wire. The wire is Neotech UPOCC. The RCAs are the original ETI copper bullets. There are some "all copper versions" of the original R1s around, but very few by comparison. Back then, the “all copper” versions were made as a special request for customers who preferred to have no silver in their system. Great buy for those that can utilise the 750 mm length.
  2. If you are happy with the MM stage Mani have you given thought to a Step Up Transformer (SUT)?
  3. Well I can say that my Quad II mains transformers get uncomfortably hot after an hour of use. With their age I don't like the idea of not being able to put my hand on the transformers and I have had one fail about 2 years ago. But then again my SS plinius MA102's also get damn hot if I run them class A. In summer I keep them in AB. Unfortunately I think it is just a problem with Qld as even my valve CD player gets pretty damn warm (Opera Consenance Droplet 5).
  4. I brought the plastic and will when needed make a new one. Yes, it will be a pain especially drilling and tapping the holes for the grub screws. But, other than holding the cueing lift and the wheel for the antiskate it does nothing else. If you know the weight of the silicon fluid remote control car diff oil is the common go to.
  5. If your happy with CD and Digital streaming then turntable / tonearm / cartridge and phono stage is what you should be focusing on. But, don't dish a 40 yo item - my amps and speakers are almost 60yo! and my original LP12 is coming up 40yo. A Rega RP3 would be a good place to position yourself or even a RP1 if you are the DIY upgrading type :-) Phono stage really depends how much you want to spend unfortunately.
  6. The cueing holder must be a common fault. I have two which are broken and when I come to use the arms am going to make new ones. Not sure of the tracking force calibrator pin, but, if using scales it shouldn't matter as the scales value is what you will work off.
  7. Hmm mine comes up in English - maybe I have auto translate???
  8. Hi Matt No there will be crossovers done in the digital domain. rePhase will be used to produce the filters and Equaliser APO to perform the task. http://jdm12.ch/Audio/2016_Windows-DSP.asp gives you an idea of what is involved. Thank fully I have someone who has gone down this route and will assist as I'm only just getting into anything other than vinyl and cd . The other challenge will be getting the analogue from the LP12 into the system.
  9. I have been looking also and have the PCB's for the 6 mono amps, power supplies, soft start, speaker protection etc already. I have the Wild Burro Betsy for mids and GR Reasearch NEO3 for tweeter. For lows I have been looking at the SB Audience Bianco-15OB350. https://www.wagneronline.com.au/sb-audience-bianco-15-open-baffle-woofer-350w/sb-audience-range/sb-acoustics/speaker-drivers/audio-speakers-pa/bianco-150b350-89897/1002168/pd/ But, I'm stuck at the point of determining if the 15" will give enough bass without large equalisation boost and considering a
  10. It is differential by design. The DA uses two outputs for each channel with one being the inverted complement of the other.
  11. The DAC has balanced outputs where there is a header and for each channel their is +V, -V and ground. Reading through information at Rane https://www.ranecommercial.com/kb_article.php?article=2107 The best option is balanced output to balanced input which isn't available for me. Second best being quickest, quietest and most fool proof is transformer. Last option is using special cable assemblies. So the options to connect the balanced DAC to single ended amps are; 1. Balanced output, balanced cable, then convert to single
  12. Are you suggesting there are better ways than a transformer? e.g. opamps. From reading I think there are advantages to taking the balanced signal from the DAC to the amp. But, it does need to then be converted to single ended whether this be by transformer, opamp or a summing device. I want to maximise my chances of overall success by implementing techniques that "should" work the best. Problem is I know nothing more than what can be suggested and I can research about.
  13. The DAC is a PCB which has balanced output if you wire it as such. Still trying to get more info on it though.
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