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  1. Bugs


    Item: Price Range:$400 to $800 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After a pair of Headphones in the above price range, prefer something that has good bass response, thinking Beyerdynamic Pro 1770, Shure 1540 or similar, preferabley in SEQ where I can audition, let us know what your've got. Cheers...Bugs
  2. Looks like I've narrowed down to 4 options now, thanks for the tip.
  3. Hi all, after a new set of headphones aroud the $800 mark, lots of choices, I have narrowed it down to this, Focal Elegia, Shure SRH 1840 and a Beyerdynamic 1770 Pro. Mainly Rock, Blues and occoasional Jazz is my listening choice, have owned Senheiser HD 800 and some AKG models round the $400 mark from memory, I do like a bit of bass, Okay, what,s the go?, I listen through a Yamaha AS 2100 or a Audio GD pre, headphone amp, cost $800, not sure of the model. Unable to audition cos of the ####in lockdown! Thanks Bugs
  4. Yes please, I'll take these of your hands, let me know the total cost to QLD 4305' Cheers, Bugs
  5. Agree with the above, a while" back talk radio" 4BC was transmitting on 128 Bitate, go figure, maybe the shock jocks like the uncompressed sound of their own voices
  6. Wagner Electronics should help you out, I'd go the SB, I have both
  7. I reckon that either a SB Acoustics 34 SWP76 4, or a Peerless XXLS 12 would be a good choice. costing $330 and $270 respectively
  8. Yes indeed, #93 showed why he is the undeniable best MotoGP rider of the modern era today at the German GP. He made the other Honda riders look like they should concider allternative employment options I reckon he will be a fly in the ointment for the other GP riders Championship asperations. Looks like RED BULL sponsored riders and F1, Supercar drivers dominated the weekend motor racing again, how much money do they pour into motor racing? Finally, should Rossi and Morbidelli swap bikes ?
  9. Sorted, new Bash amp and SV Acoustic 12 " driver on order
  10. Hi Dave sent the money, but Icould'nt work out the gift option, tried several times but no luck, I'll pay the fees let me know how much, sorry to stuff you around, Bugs
  11. Hi Dave, I don't know how to use the friend option with paypal, I put in your details and the $350 to to you but I didn't see this "friend" option, how does it work? sorry mate but I'm not computer savy
  12. Hi Dave, OK, $350 delivered it is, how do you want payment, Pay pal or direct debit? The address is Jim Burrows 6 Gladstone RD Sadliers Crossing Qld 4305 Thanks, Bugs
  13. Hi Leinster Lad, Thanks for the reply, if you can do them for $300 including postage to 4305 we have a deal, Cheers, Bugs
  14. 12 inch driver, plate amp Price Range: Depends Item Condition: Works as it should Extra Info: I need to replace the plate amp in my sub, thought may as well get a new driver as well, want to keep the cabinet as I had it custom made Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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