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  1. I will take all if available.
  2. Hi Steam, I've owned both the 601 monos and 532H simultaneously. Both were very reliable. I had ML 326s and C2300 pre for each. I found that each power needed the matching pre. The mac pre driving the 532h was bright and edgey, likewise the 326s driving the 601s was dull. This is in both brands compensated by using the matching pre. Overall, the Mac combo is more mellow and more relaxed. Its a nice sound but for some reason (maybe autoformer) I could never really get massed violins sounding right. It did annoy me as I do like my orchestral music. The ML system has more detail and can be immensely involving musically. It has great pace and clarity, although at times it seemed almost too resolving. Ive owned a fair bit of ML over the years and all their equipment is refined and of very high calibre. Either way, both Mac and ML are good choices. Both are AB and run cool at idle.
  3. Looks like a great deal to get an instant high end matching system!
  4. Hello Rotur, Did you sell lot to me or someone else? Are you selling me entire collection or otherwise, Please advise
  5. Dear Rotur, Happy to purchase entire lot. Please PM me total cost.
  6. I owned one. No consumer adjustable biasing. It is only a tube buffer stage. Sounded better without tubed output.
  7. Hello I would like to buy these discs. Please PM me
  8. If you take the top plate off and stick your ear near it running try to hear if it's the toroids humming.
  9. Interesting read.... Fewer people buying ever more expensive products. Reads to me just like hi-end hifi.
  10. I agree few class AB amps, regardless of their "class A" output compare sonically to true class A amps. True class A amps have power, slam and finesse.
  11. my experience with ML amps of this era is that the power amps sounded relatively bright, which matched their rather softer sounding preamps. I haven't personally owned the 431 exactly but have owned the 300 and 500 series amps. They were always best when matched with their own preamps.
  12. Congratulations!!! What a great system. ML stuff is built wonderfully and I have always found it very reliable. Also, it is also very tradeable and they hold value well.
  13. Levinson stuff is great. If you get it at a good price, go for it. I've owned several pieces of levinson gear and have always loved the sound.
  14. I have set my room for Atmos. The more 4K blue ray titles I have bought and watched, the more I am convinced it is a big step up in sound quality. It does take some significant effort and time to set up
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