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  1. Nice little system. You've probably worked out by now the tape deck doesn't need the door to work Good luck and have fun
  2. I have a pr of Jamo Magic 6. Woofers re foamed a couple of years ago. Was using them as front high speakers in a home theatre. $120
  3. So this is Ultraboy V1.0 Operation is as you would expect. Lift the arm up. Take the nylon spacers off. Load records. Add solution (4.9L) Lift arm and lower.Start ultrasonic bath time and set rotation speed. Clean. Lift arm and allow to dry. V1.1 will have: Improved clearance when stack is in up position (raise pivot point a little) "Slinger" on drive coupling machined off as its un necessary and will help centre record stack in the bath better. V2.0 will(?) have a semi circle cover that will exclude dust and maybe allow the addition of a somewhat modified hair drier to assist the drying process I hope to do a video on its operation, but its pretty much as you'd expect. I've been pleasantly surprised at how effective it is. It can't clean scratches but if you give them 1/2 hour in the bath the results are good. Its not an Audio Desk but I'm in it for about 400 clams plus some time. So far I'm pretty happy. Its only taken me 4 years.
  4. Thats the mechanics basically sorted. Now time for electrical. The motor, controller and wall wort had all proven to work well. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to electrics. I didn't want extra power cords for the drive motor so that meant I needed to tap power off the switched side of the mains into the bath. The drain valve is there. Can't avoid it. May as well house the drive power on that side. It was also the reason the handle for the pivot is on the right hand side, with the electrical housing and drain valve (overall footprint) The wall wort happened to be a screw together type, not a bonded one. That saved me pulling out the Dremel to extract the innards. Once I found the transformer would fit in the project box from local Jaycar supplier it was all pretty straight forward. The speed controller has a LED power supply indicator. It came with the pot and the knob. Placing it right up the front of the enclosure meant I only needed to drill a hole to expose the LED and didn't have to remote mount it (lazy, I know) The enclosure is mounted with 2 x M4 screws and has a hole drilled through the case to allow for 240V supply from the switched side of the main switch. Found a small gland in my box of "handy stuff". Told my wife that box of crap would come into its own one day. Made some curly cord from some figure 8 wire.
  5. Now for the pivot. I had it in mind it was always going to be some kind of simple hinge lift action if I could make it work. Once I worked out how the general action was going to work the trouble was how to lock it in place and release it without getting to complicated. I considered pin, lock pawl, lever action and a few other options but they all had the promise of at least an evenings work. I figured a slotted pivot hole with a slot and peg type deal should work. A few mock ups and it looked like it should work. 1/2 hour on the mill beats making complicated mechanisms hands down. The pivot is made from 3 pieces of 50 x 10mm aluminium. About $25/m, 750mm reqd. I neglected to allow for the fact the spindle will drop when the locked up position pin is engaged. I should have mounted the pivot plate a little higher. There is clearance but its close enough that surface tension of the cleaning solution causes a few drips.
  6. Now that I have supports the end details for the spindle can be sorted. Naturally the loaded spindle should be central in the bath. Seems most records fall between 1.2 and 2.7 thick. At least the ones I measured were that. There is going to be variation in the length. The drive end is located by means of a groove in the coupling that sits over the bearings. The clamp end is the same diameter as the running surface in the groove on the coupling. This allows from no records to 5 records of varying thickness. At least thats the plan It all worked out pretty good. Pics show some of the mock ups The drive coupling got a "slinger" added. The extra ring behind where the nylon block mounts. In hindsight its not necessary. The motor drive shaft is 8mm with a flat. I used an M6 grub screw to clamp on the drive flat of the motor. So thats the mandrel/spindle pretty much done for the moment. Had to mod the top of the bearing mounts to allow for the coupling diameter. TBC....
  7. The mandrel now has a little weight to it. About 200-300 grams I guess. This isnt a lot but its a bit for a little gear motor to support on 2 little bushings about an inch apart. No problem for short periods but to run it for projected time of 1/2 hour per cleaning session it won't take long to flog the little motor out. Some bearing supports would fix this. Back to the lab again... I wanted to be able to put the lid on the bath. I figured some slots in the bearing mounts would fix this. They would have if I didn't stuff up when I drilled the bolt holes in the bath body. I checked for room and no issues there, the electronics for the bath are mostly on the base plate and nothing around where I wanted to drill. I didn't account for the fact the body of the bath is "rigidised" stainless and is hard as hell. I didn't drill them as accurately as required. The idea was the bolts would have lock nuts on the back and "float" up and down, returning to the same position when the lid is removed. It would have worked if I got the holes right. No matter, just have to tighten/loosen the bolts holding the bearing mounts as needed. To be continued....
  8. The goal was to make a really simple machine that was easy to make and does everything required. It also had to not damage records in any way. It would have been easier to make something complex. It took longer to come up with a simple arrangement. There are lots of diy units that use linear actuators. While very cool I wanted to avoid any un necessary cost and equipment. Overall footprint of the unit is important too. First things first Ultrasonic cleaning bath is a 5 litre digital control unit off flea bay. I found a gear motor and speed controller off the same 'bay for about $25 for both. I knocked up a simple spindle adaptor that could take some stainless M6 all thread and the motor drive shaft. Next was to jury rig a test set up. Basically some blocks of wood, g clamps and some M6 nuts and penny washers did the trick enough to test the motor and drive suitability Success! It worked and pretty well. While cumbersome it was enough to clean a few records and prove the concept was going to be worth it. So, onto the mandrel. In essence its a series of nylon blocks that stack on an M6 all thread rod. Thin wall bushes are used to hold everything concentric. The 4 1/8" blanks were cut from 16mm black nylon sheet with a 4.25" holesaw. A strip 110mm wide by about 700mm long was about $17. Enough for 6 blanks. They were machined to size and O ring spigot machined with a reasonable taper. Spigot is 4mm wide and O ring diameter is 5mm giving 1mm of clearance each side. O ring diameter is a little larger than a record label. Last thing I wanted was water/solution damage to labels. O rings are self holding on the spigots but are pretty easy to dislodge. I think I'll glue them on at some stage. Up to 5 records can be cleaned per session. Some argue that with that many records the ultrasonic waves are baffled ( I won't mention you by name @Martykt ?). With this design you can put as many or as little records a time as you like. So far it all looks good. Records clamp nice and run true. To be continued.....
  9. Yumm. Well done Doug. Devils grill is delisiouso. Don't let his expression fool you, he was having fun. Doug got impatient waiting for the music to start Some other random folk and shameless product placement. Thanks again Clive for a great day. And like Doug I hate to admit your system is sounding pretty good. ? It was good to get out and see some other non zoom or facetime people.
  10. Item: iPhone 8 Price Range: depending on condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a iphone for my youngest kid. Prefer red or gold, 64gb is fine but more is better. Please don't tell me I need an android phone or how bad you reckon iphones are. Cheers
  11. My 11 year old daughter asked me if she saved up could she get a record player. I figured I had enough gear to cobble a system together. So she's ended up with not a bad sounding little system. She's wrapped with it. Pioneer PL-30LII Pioneer SA-5300 Technics XS-980 CDC CH4000R Jamo 6 speakers CD player has trouble reading discs. Speakers are clear but don't go very loud. Speakers and CD player could do with updating but its giving her a lot of fun.
  12. If you want vintage I have a pr of nice Pioneer CS-77a's. Good match for a vintage Sansui... They are a small floor stander or really big bookshelf so might not suit
  13. Pioneer SA-9500II. Classic 70's silver face ready to rock.
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