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  1. That was my understanding. I didn't suspect the battery initially at all. The problem did relate time wise back to when the battery was installed though. From the moment the battery was switched to by pass there has not been a single issue. So for the time being I do not think that it was the router or NBN. The Router is on a circuit that the battery will power if there is a supply failure. Interesting to see what happens. Difficult to put the router on another circuit due to location. John
  2. Is it up to NBN as it is the the wholesaler to fix the problem? Or is it ISP? I am with Telstra in a small town. I like many people in town have the Phone No. of the local Telstra service technician. A phone call and he responds quickly. Two problems in three years fixed. Other problems may appear to be Telstra/NBN but they can be traced back to probably in house Network conflicts and complications. For instance. New battery in manual configuration for two weeks until inspected for compliance. The Router shutdown many times per day and then restarted. A serious bugger. Battery people said it couldn't be the battery. I thought that it was the Router failing or the NBN. Battery switched to by pass after inspection. Life was perfect again. John
  3. This is about about solar and my journey of trying to reduce my power costs may interest other SNA members. My perspective on products is about quality, performance, affordability, support, advice and not the lowest cost. I have never tried to work out a payback period for what I have invested. It is all about will there be a saving. I found a vendor that I trusted. I started with a heat pump. Sanden and very reliable. Never an issue over a few years. There was small rebate. Then I went for solar. There was a rebate but I needed microinverters because of tree shading. Ended up with Enphase. Once again very reliable. I could view performance on line and did so for awhile but eventually lost interest. Even with the microinverters the amount of power generated is less than other systems with equivalent capacity because of the shading. The trees are more important to me Then I discovered the matter of no feed in tariff (FIT) when supply went over 254 volts. Mid 260sV sometimes. Powercor was slow to respond. So I had an Edge IQ fitted to the house so the voltage in the house was always 230V approx.. Fixed the FIT matter. Before the regulator a LED light went every few months. I haven’t replaced one for a few years. I assume that appliances last longer and it is better for my audio system. Powercor responded to my second request very quickly and retapped the supply transformer. Supply now stays below 245V. So, the need for the Edge IQ reduced. Decided to get 4 more panels of solar and discovered that the first 16 where incorrectly installed. They should be in portrait mode, a certain distance from the roof edges and gutter and the supports must be certain distance from the panel edges. All fixed. Finally, a battery. The difference between the FIT is approx 5 times less than the supply charge? I could use my power better for me. The advice for the last few years from my supplier was to wait for a battery. The cost wasn’t favourable, rebates were not good and importantly the recommended battery for me was awaiting certification for Victoria. Earlier this year the ducks lined up and I made the decision. Rebate process was simple for once. The Battery is a Redback. I had to wait some months as installation could not happen as there was inside work involved. The battery is only 7KW which often does not go right through the night. Still, it has made a big impact on my supply costs. With FIT credits my overall monthly utility cost will be less than the connection charge this month. The interesting thing is with both peak and off peak, solar and a battery it takes some awareness as to what appliance you use and when. It a balancing act. I have not had to water the garden yet this year. I have not used the bore. I am watching the apps online regularly at the moment But I expect I will do it less over time. I consider that with good advice and quality products I have not experienced some of the problems that others have. Except for the incorrect panel installations which was fixed. John
  4. Absolutely. It is all about the mystery of the unknown. Things take time to settle. As well, if it is removed after a time, you may become aware of the missing benefit albeit small. John
  5. You have three systems. What if you only had one and spent equivalent on the one system as to what you spent on the three? If you spent wisely on the one you definitely would not have three times the gain. The law of diminishing returns will always prevail. What if it was at least third or only 20% better than one of what you have now. You would be a much better off than the 5% that you are talking about now. You can only listen to one system at a time. Put all your eggs in one basket as the saying goes. Depending on affordability I chase 2% and 3% return for my one system which can soon collectively become 10%. John
  6. Regardless of how much money most don't or do have we are all focused on the stuff. It is about affordability. For you just do it and do not over think it too much. Respond to your intuition. Even make a mistake. That is how you will learn to not make the mistake again and get better over time. It is probably the words of a song. Mistakes I have made a few and then some more. The best speakers that you can afford and like are fundamental. PS Do not take any notice of many of the posts above. They are interesting to an extent but not relevant to you at this time. Your eyes will just glaze over John
  7. Absolute YES! Other wise you will never know the benefit or dis benefit of anything else in the chain when changes happen from time to time. John
  8. I now have had the Reference filter going for a couple of weeks. Wonderful outcome. This is a link to some comments about the reference filter. There are actually 5 versions. I only have the LAN one and that is enough for me! Scroll down to see the oscilloscope results. https://www-hificlub-co-kr.translate.goog/ao/mall/ao_prod_view_n20.asp?sale_code=13913&_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=nui John
  9. Your frivolous attempt to qualify your response may on limited occasions apply. If I listen almost every day, I have an emotional response benchmark that is definitely consistent over time. It can be triggered in an instant by a sense stimulus including sound. I do not apply rigorous scientific method to my listening with measurements testing etc. I do make observations and I constantly ask questions about what is happening, why and how. I do not have answers that may satisfy you. My observations may be correct and they may not be. With, my reading of posts, I do not leap to immediate biased rejections of the experience of others as you consistently do. Your perceptions do not accord with some aspects of the observations of myself and I would suggest others. John
  10. To me there is no magic answer to what I think are the questions that you have. It is not just about the how much a disc player or other components may cost. It is all about trying & listening to the item(s) at least in an audio shop or friend’s place or better still in your own system. Make choice as to what suits you and then decide how much you can afford and then spend more! You will be happy. John
  11. I am not overly aware that I try to remember the interpretative detail of the sound in the context that you suggest. You maybe right about how long we can remember a particular sound. I think that the brain has perfect long term emotional recall. What is fundamental to me is how I feel emotionally when I hear particular sound(s). When I get the emotion of a sound that is just right for me life is good. I have a very long term emotional memory to particular sounds. It is the same with a perfume from over 50 years ago. It also applies to taste. I definitely remember tastes from my child hood. John
  12. I assume that you have the components to facilitate ROON Core, the end point plus control so you could just do a trial with ROON to try it out. I do not know whether you can use Qobuz to play back your own digital files. Maybe you can. With just ROON you can play your own files. Until you consider that you want to listen to more music than you have files of, then you could use Tidal or Qobuz in conjunction with ROON. I have had ROON for over 5 years. I have only used the streaming services for the past two years. One is more than enough for me. I am unable to resist the temptation of saying that the quality of the ROON Core etc can impact the quality of the outcome. Start small and develop it more if you are inclined. John
  13. The above is a good synopsis of the benefits of ripping ones CD collection. Using something like ROON for playback also gives in most instances the cover art plus some to an extent varying details of the particular CD. The details can include useful information that will not be on the booklet and interesting links to other files etc. You can go on an extensive journey. John
  14. I definitely do use the words and I am quite comfortable with the expression “Settling In”. To me it is often real. Many SNA members use the expression “Burn In” whether they are pro or con of what I think is the same the phenomena. “Burn In” to me suggest that something is getting hot and the settling is definitely not about heat. However, it is referred to, for me it can take many days and hours and the change can be beneficial and subtle but they are there nevertheless. You can say it is an expectation bias but your position is also a negative bias as you have not experienced it. If and when it happens for you, I think it will be a very pleasing experience. It is the same as to when I mention lower noise floor you are unable to even acknowledge the possibility. You are confused as to what the noise is or is not. You are not the only one who has that difficulty. Other posters in this thread do also. This thread has made me reflect more so than I have in past time. Why is there not even tacit acceptance in some instances by you and other SNA members of even just my comments or similar comments from other members of our experiences? I expect that there should at least an agreement to just be able to amicably agree to disagree and acknowledge that possibility of an outcome not even the likelihood. Responses to some of my posts have not been in the spirit of good will or respect. I have to be so careful and I do try, with what I say otherwise I just become a target from the unaware who seem to think they are smarter than I am and that they know better. It has been said to me by several people including my partner who are all wiser than myself, just say nothing as I am just providing an opportunity for some to have another go. I would suggest that you and I are on different roads, having very different journeys and getting to entirely different destinations. Some years ago, I had a mid-level Yamaha AVR, a DAC that I cannot remember and small Krix stand mount speakers. I thought that the outcome was wonderful. I even said so to people. Unfortunately, I went an audio store and I heard something that I thought was better. The rest has become a long and expensive journey of audio exploration. It is important for all of us to acknowledge and respect where each of us is on their audio journey, the destination that we are at in a point of time and our experiences plus what we have learnt along the way. I have learnt a lot although I may not be able to articulate to your satisfaction some of the things that you definitely find at best highly questionable or even just plain nonsense. I try. I have said in respect of Audio Ethernet networking “Just have a listen”. It has taken me awhile to realise that my suggestion is a bit naïve on my part. Building a network as I have, is similar and as complicated as to building one’s audio system of components speakers and cables etc. I have only now been able to reflect on my Ethernet journey. It takes time. On the matter of what is audible everything matters and it is about finding what works with what and getting the synergy balanced. When you do the magic happens. You probably have not experienced the magic that I am referring to. Starting from the NBN Router modem and finishing with the WEISS 502 DSP, my network comprises at a minimum 7 components, numerous cables and power cords at the moment. It changes from time to time. I now know that you just cannot go out and buy a network install it, have listen and then decide whether you want it or not. Its not like just trying a DAC for example. Too many bits. You need to either start small and progress as I did or have a listen to an existing setup. It may mean listening to an appropriate setup of friend or an audio shop that has a significant Ethernet networking implementation. The problem with many audio shops is that the emphasis is still on USB for obvious reasons. I expect it will remain so for many digital applications. That doesn’t mean that USB is better. It’s about cost benefit. Good audio Ethernet and networking can be on the expensive side. You regularly ask for members to send you recordings and that you seem to think that you will be able to ascertain through measurements or listening whatever differences that are system outcomes. I haven’t a clue what you hope to achieve except to confirm your bias. Has anybody sent you the recordings that you have requested and if so, have you measured or confirmed anything? In a your post you used the supposed silent majority viewpoint to justify your response. I don’t think either of us actually know what the position of the supposed silent is on anything. They are silent. Just like the noise floor that you deny. Nevertheless, using your tactic do you know what the position of the silent majority is in respect of the search for the recordings that you seek. I do wonder whether you think that you will be able to find and confirm your perspectives? Good Luck on your journey of seek. John
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