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  1. Blimey. That’s bloody unlucky! Makes me very glad I finally capitulated to desire and ordered mine a few days ago. Birthday gift-to-self. Really looking forward to it!!!! J
  2. Without a doubt one of his greatest movies. Deserves every one of 82 viewings. Such a great loss to film and humanity. Cheers to you Sir Sean Connery.
  3. If you don’t have any luck, this is the go to alternative source for Naim style cables: https://www.flashbacksales.co.uk/acatalog/naim-4-pin-din-plug-phono-rca-cables.html
  4. Turning off, power amp off first, then pre amp, then sources. Turning on, sources first, then pre-amp, then power amp. see here https://community.naimaudio.com/t/power-on-and-power-off-sequence/75 All Naim power amps of the olive range vintage will cause a thump turning on, but the sequence above minimises this. The common practice with Naim is to leave it all on all the time. That way you get no thumps and always ready to rumble!
  5. I was going to suggest a single Kurlette. Tight and musical sealed 10 inch sub. Ought to be more than enough in a 3 x 4 room. I hooked mine up using speaker inputs with my Legend Joey IIs. I’m no bass head and ultimately preferred the sound without, but they did integrate very nicely IIRC.
  6. These might suit. Locally made and a great guy ... https://audioprincipe.com.au/speaker-cables/bi-wire-teflonsilver-plated-speaker-cables/
  7. Could one of the new owners describe what the A and B filter switches do to the output? Meanwhile I’ll be preparing my case for submission to her Honour to get the Court’s permission to buy a Kompakt of my own ... ?
  8. @Gieseler Audio Clay, What’s the status on the Klein III production for September delivery? J
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