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  1. If they improve the select Dac I’ll have to try them on my reference Dac then.
  2. Exactly couldn’t have said it better myself 😁
  3. Big Jbl’s set up right are end game off the speaker merry go round.
  4. Very nice and from the classic 43 series should sell quickly.
  5. Surely you have found something bye now.
  6. Item: Frey Price Range: TBD Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Only after XLR Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. Having owned a oppo 105 modded and now own an MSB Reference dac, yes its not at the level of the MSB but this unit is crazy good for the money. Can't believe its not sold, great buying here.
  8. I had a Krell power amp and plugged into this about 10 years ago and destroyed the sound. Amps to wall works best for me.
  9. That’s great news Kevin. I’ve been playing with my Reference Dac too cable wise and tweaking. I totally agree with you about MSB it’s the best Dac I’ve heard period. Looking at maybe Nordost cables or Stage 3concepts in the future. It’s great to here on this thread what people are doing with there MSB dacs.
  10. Agree, these will kill Wilson speakers. Listened to them with an MSB Dac and it’s awesome sounding. Good buying here.
  11. These amps are built like a tank and have that beautiful mcintosh tube sound. Ppsa is a great guy to deal with too, smooth transaction if you buy this .
  12. Simply epic, be there and listened to them stunning sound and a work of art for the living room.
  13. Ppsa is great to deal with buy with confidence. I’ve listen to focal grand utopia and TAD and for me these are better. End game speakers and give the presentation of the artist is in the room, if I didn’t love my jbl Everest so much these would be mine.
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