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  1. Such a huge talent. Regards Cazzesman
  2. Brilliant TV. Love mine. Great price and Great advert. GLWTS. With the money you save get the calibration done and then bliss out. http://www.claritycalibration.com.au/ Regards Cazzesman
  3. I went other. Jason Isbell. Regards Cazzesman
  4. TOTL bit of kit. Very keenly priced. Cable alone is worth a few $$. GLWTS. Regards Cazzesman
  5. One of his very best. 'Just like a Prisoner.' Wow he nails it. So full of angst and ferocious power. Regards Cazzesman
  6. Wong's bestie Cody Fry absolutely flying. Magical pipes he has. Love it. Regards Cazzesman
  7. Beautiful tone Mr Wong. Nice. Regards Cazzesman
  8. Weird and wacky bunch and oh so talented. Getting into Mr Wong and Co of late. Regards Cazzesman
  9. You have all confirmed it......... White men can't dance. 🙂 Nice pop tune. Billy Sheehan should be afraid. Good luck. Regards Cazzesman
  10. Not my normal go to CD from DF but pretty damn slinky and cool vibe going on. Regards Cazzesman
  11. I don't play this fun album enough. A grand Covid Lockdown CD. Terrific album cover. Regards Cazzesman
  12. For those missing Michael Jackson.........................get your fill from Jonah. Oh and Steve Vai has a small cameo 🙂 Regards Cazzesman
  13. Chris Jones - wonderful singer, clever lyrics, fabulous production on this CD. https://www.amazon.com/Roadhouses-Automobiles-CHRIS-JONES/dp/B00015BIOQ Regards Cazzesman
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