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  1. https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20210920-foundation-the-unfilmable-sci-fi-epic-now-on-our-screens No spoilers that I could see. should be safe. More about how it got to our tv screens over the past 4 years. Goyer hopes to have 80 eps over 8 seasons. Happy days. Regards Cazzesman
  2. This might help. Driven by the might ncore amps. https://nadelectronics.com.au/nad-m22-it-is-an-outstanding-amplifier-in-every-way-stereophile-com/ GLWTS. Regards Cazzesman
  3. My FA was recommended by some workmates who had retired and been with him for the past 4 or 5 years. They tell me they have more money in their Super now than when they started. He has rejigged mine and my wife's Super and I am extremely happy with his 'bedside' manner and the saving we have made thus far. My Super is a Defined Benefit and I maxed out 7 years ago. We have been pouring money into our Accumulation funds for the max amounts that are allowed since then. The FA's recommendations have saved us on Tax and Fee's. The cost of having him as a FA has more than been met by the $ returns he has made already. Couldn't be happier with him. I have moved a portion of both our Super saving across to Australian Super on the advice of the FA. Currently very good returns and some of the lowest fees going around. https://www.superguide.com.au/comparing-super-funds/best-performing-super-funds Disclaimer - I am not affiliated in any way with Australian Super. 🙂 Regards Cazzesman
  4. Fingers crossed I should have a couple of Bill's world renown power cables this week. They will be going into the Kii 3's. It will be interesting to see what they can do. Regards Cazzesman
  5. Yikes. Just read the 12 pages. I'm off to kiss the wife (if she lets me 🤣) and hug the cat (if it lets me). Then a light lunch before I'm off to work at something I have loved for 39.5 years. August 2022 ish might see me out with 40, but it all depends on travel restrictions etc, etc. Not enough other hobbies yet, but after lockdown golf will be calling me back. Until then, it's lights off and volume up. Love, health and music. Lot to be said for that lot, and not necessarily in that order. Stay safe and happy you lot. Regards Cazzesman
  6. Hell No! My music and Kii 3's are all that are keeping me sane. Whilst my wife is at one end of the house working from home and/or sewing, I am absolutely chillin' to the tunes at the other end. Regards Cazzesman
  7. Dave are you upgrading to anything special? Regards Cazzesman
  8. The Sisters are movin' on up. Regards Cazzesman
  9. Here's your system folks. Covid Crazyness. Benchmark Purifi T+A Focal. For well under $20,000. How good is SNA. 🤣 Happy shopping. Regards Cazzesman
  10. Mate the benchmark HPA4 with the Purifi and I suspect you will have all the power, finesse and transparency you will ever need. Sound to die for with the right dac and speakers. There is a Chord Dave somewhere on site or the the newly advertised T +A. Plenty of speakers here that would do that lot justice. This pre/power combo for just around $6,500 would rock most worlds. Happy hunting folks Regards Cazzesman
  11. Wow these things get rave reviews OS. You don't see many come up on SNA. Do your homework you DAC folk. This is good buying from my reading. https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/60987-mola-mola-tambaqui-vs-ta-dac-8-dsd-mini-review/ GLWTS. Regards Cazzesman
  12. Welcome Kroywen, Sorry about the Subs. 🙂 Marine not Woofer. Regards Cazzesman
  13. 👍Good as can be expected in ‘the lockdown State’. Kii3’s saving my sanity. 🤪 Regards Cazzesman
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