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  1. Thanks mate, This is no bad at all just a bit bright
  2. Candyflip, wonder if you know what is the best pressing for this? The bass in An innocent man is really good
  3. Frankie Strangers in the night, one of my favourites.
  4. I have seen the ads in Stereophile and always liked the look.
  5. Roy Orbison Mistery Girl, this album sounds amazing
  6. Fantastic album, I had that and now a German pressing. Is that amp a Prima Luna?
  7. Partially inspired by JJ I love this cover
  8. There ain't no cure for the credit card blues, parcels keep just coming @scuzzii Great pressing, can’t wait for the Eye in the Sky one
  9. Let’s feed this bad boy, thanks cheeky and JJ.
  10. I mean do you know what is the “recommended” broken time for this cartridge
  11. @cheekyboy I have played about 15 albums now. Do you think the Donatello has broken yet? The Pink Panther sounds unreal
  12. Having a break from The Police. Joe Henderson In’n Out Blue note pressing, great as all the BNs
  13. Very happy with the first one, now to the next one
  14. First one of yesterday’s Box set arrival. Have all the first pressings to compare The Police Regatta de Blanc
  15. Corona lockdown - Credit card blues The Police Box set, can’t wait for tomorrow when nobody is at home
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