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  1. years back ive tested a number of top receivers from most japanese and euro brands. japanese brands for stereo duties basically sounded the same (lifeless). the Euro brands was better. like others have indicated, better to get an good integrated amp with HT by pass option.
  2. wondering how the Node compares to the Oppo 105 (streamer only of course). if the above are about the same in regards to sound quality. U1 mini is definitely a step up
  3. there is no definite answer to what is best. Reviewer that do think they know best i would be staying well away (ASR - him as his smirky smile thinking he knows all).
  4. love to audition them one day. not a fan of the look especially the blade leg thing.
  5. imo Lumin should offer an option with no internal PSU.
  6. some reviewers can be bias with the brand and others with measurements. so cant win.
  7. for my use case - i only use Lumin app when streaming radio or spotify which i only do for fun. most of the time im streaming music from my jriver media server which bubble upnp works great. so im not phased as long as one of the two apps work.
  8. for myself, i am reluctant to believe reviewers (youtube especially) if they have an untreated room or even worse have no idea about treatments. also when they are bias with certain brands as its always in their dream to own one even objectively measure bad (being an objective reviewer). dont get me wrong but imo objective and subjective reviews are required. if you are bias towards one side imo ruins the review.
  9. thanks for the suggestion but im not going to change my media server just to setup a miniserver recommended by Lumin as this server is used for many applications.
  10. i dont think this is the case as Bubble upnp app works great.
  11. for me the lumin app - artist still has issues. the cover art isnt the same as the artist.
  12. loving my U1 Mini - probably early next year i will be looking to replace with internal PS with an external LPS. but what to choose - Teddy Pardo or Pixir power or an alternative. i dont like the casing of the Sbooster.
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