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  1. I haven't updated this thread in ages. We are (long) back in the original house/living room with the 'B' system set up in the opposite wall. Teac PX-500 with Audio-Technica VM520EB cartridge Marantz CD6000 OSE Chromecast Audio NAD 705 Stereo Receiver Paradigm Mini Monitors It's a good little system but I miss the 'A' team, especially the Orpheus speakers. I have amp issues but haven't got round to getting them repaired or replaced. Must do!
  2. Kirstin Hersh - Hips and Makers (1994 - CD) This is the only album of hers I know, but I reckon it's great. One of many gems discovered via my partner's collection.
  3. Enjoying the thread everyone. Friday is pizza night here. Occasionally I try to cook something else instead only to be confronted by kids' outrage. This thread has inspired me to take a bit more time and care over them than I sometimes do. Here's three of the five. The house pizza is ham, capsicum, olives and half and half pineapple. I had some caramelised onion left over from last night's bbq, so I finished with a bianco - onion, mushroom and blue cheese - to keep the greedy kids at bay.
  4. $1500 is tight for new, separates, but probably can be done and will give them a solid starter system to enjoy now and platform to build and grow from over time if that's what they want. The Yamaha-Paradigm package here looks okay, but is $100 over budget before headphones. https://www.eastwoodhifi.com.au/stereo-packages.htm
  5. Dexter Gordon - One Flight Up (1965 - Spotify) Wondering about splurging on the Tone Poet.
  6. Apparently it's Negroni Week. Who knew there was such a thing? Any how, any excuse... Cheers to no home learning for two weeks!
  7. Allen Toussaint - American Tunes (2016 - CD) This is such a gorgeous album, his last, released after his death, produced by Joe Henry. Great selection of, er, American tunes, many solo piano recitals, some in an expanded band setting with guest vocals. So good I can forgive it for omitting Bob Dylan!
  8. No, I haven't. The only other album I have is Six, which I haven't listened to for a while, but never struck me as strong as amore del tropico. I'll give the two you mention a go via Spotify. Cheers.
  9. Black Heart Procession - Amore del Tropico (2002 - CD) I discovered this band through this thread several years back, recommended by sligoriverblues or soundfan, I think. I don't know much about the band, but I like this album a lot. It's melancholy but beautiful indie rock. I hear a Latino tinge here and there. Not sure if it's a core influence, just there in the southern Californian ether or just in my head.
  10. Hi Martinus Welcome to SNA. I don't know, but suggest you contact Kiat Low at Orpheus/Duntech. http://duntech.com/contact.html
  11. Massive Attack - Blue Lines (1991 - CD) Coming to the end of a wet weekend with a glass of wine and Massive Attack quiet in the background, while talking the kids through what they are cooking for father's day dinner. (It's more work than cooking it myself, but an important part of the process. I remember my dad patiently answering my endless questions when I first learned to cook.)
  12. Welcome Kim, from a stone's throw away I think! I mostly lurk in the music threads, but there's also some good technical and DIY knowledge around the place that will be up your alley and that you can contribute to. Cheers, Tom
  13. I was just watching the Blues Brothers (again) with the kids and explaining Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn's pedigree.
  14. Prophetic or not that is a classic music nerd dream!
  15. A nice Tumbarumba Chardonnay, making the best of quarantine.
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