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  1. Not quite right. USB from a Mac to the 658 will give you hires. But, and this is the kicker right now - apple don’t have any software that allows you to control iTunes running on said Mac, remotely. The old remote app only works for your library, not the online subscriber streaming material. I use the chrome Remote Desktop plugin to get around this since it’s free unlike almost all other Remote Desktop solutions.
  2. Hey Grimmie yes I'm aware of that but in my case I'm not running the C298's as monoblocks, I'm bi-amping them
  3. I have both Kef R3's and R11's. I use an integrated Denon PMA-1600 for the R3's and it's a great match, however I use 2 NAD C298's for the R11's and think a single C298 would also be a perfect partner for R3's. Plenty of control to get the most out of the compact 3-way design. I often find it astounding how close the R3's sound to the R11's.
  4. My room is of similar dimensions and I've gone with 7.2.4 - 11.2. I don't think you need 6 atmos channels in that space.
  5. Having read that section and vigorously shaken my head in confusion I think the answer is yes but I’m not certain sorry🤣. This implies it would be possible… For example, you can create hybrid crossovers with staggered cutoff frequencies, create parametric EQ filters beyond those provided in the easy-to-use “basic” interface, implement a Linkwitz transform, or mix crossover and EQ biquads in the same block. It might be worth reaching out to their support as a prospective customer for a definitive response.
  6. Hi Trevor, yes it does biquads, but I’ve never played with this functionality. Have a look at the Manual, below is a snip….
  7. Yes, as long as the bit-depth and sample rate are set to at least 24/192 in audio midi.
  8. Electronic goods between the uk and oz are not currently subject to any form of tariff or control. The only financial caveat had been vat in the uk however their online retailers have been dropping this from overseas buyers for a number of years already. so, sadly there is likely no change to be expected. We are prisoner always, to long shipping distances and small global market share. the deal benefits agriculture (eventually), booze, visas and what remains of their auto industry.
  9. ...that is of course a typo as it's not physically possible :). Try 99dB perhaps.
  10. As others have mentioned earlier in this Thread, Apple has always ignored the bit-perfect argument to the detriment of audiophiles. I doubt they will make any attempt to fix that relationship between Audio Midi and Music. I'd be keen to know if the 3rd party software trick still works though...
  11. I’ve been listening to a sample of the atmos offerings via a 7.2.4 system and am impressed for the most part. Recent material which has clearly been recorded digitally and effectively remastered for spatial works extremely well. The older classic rock and pop has effectively been run thru a very smart algorithm and given a treatment which appears to widen stereo image and push reverb to the ceiling and rear in a manner vaguely reminiscent of my first experiences with pro logic but far more sophisticated and subtle. overall it’s pleasant but I’m glad the option is there to turn it off and enjoy lossless stereo.
  12. Am enjoying apple atmos right now in the ht room. Billie Ellish no time to die is a great example of contemporary music surround (spatial) done right. This is brilliant at no additional outlay to the end user with the right equipment.
  13. ...And if you tap that logo it'll show you the incoming bit depth and sample rate
  14. Yep Atmos / Lossless option NOW available in the Music setup tab on iDevices. Must've only happened in the last few hours.
  15. ...as expected they're more interested in promoting Dolby Atmos for headphone listeners (still don't quite understand how that is going to work - next gen HRTF perhaps ?) than lossless stereo.
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