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  1. Terrific preamp - i have the same and absolutely love it. That Siemens has piqued my interest! The good thing with these pre's is that they only require one valve so rolling is reasonably cost-effective. GLWTS!
  2. Keep an eye out for any Conrad Johnson pre’s. I have a Et3se which I got a/h from here for just under $3k - a standard et3 would give you the kind of sound signature you’re after. I mate mine with a Bryston power amp and they work very well together.
  3. Item: Logitech squeezebox boom - internet radio etc player Price Range: up to $100 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: After one of the above in good working condition - does not matter if the speakers are not working although obviously will pay less for one of these. Pickup in Sydney preferred but can also look at postage arrangements as well. Thanks!
  4. Agree. I baulked at the price but the insights into Jim’s voice are worth it methinks.
  5. Great album - title track is very moving I think
  6. Have you compared this to any 33rpm versions per-chance? Very interested in getting a copy but not sure which one to go for.
  7. One of my favourite albums of the 80s. Love the drumming in particular.
  8. Nice work Jon - I have an original uk pressing and the Sonics sound very similar to your 80s version. IMO it’s simple minds best release. If you’re after suggestions for another match-up how about a Jean Michel jarre classic - oxygene or equinox originals vs repressings or Pink Floyd the wall?
  9. Thanks for the ideas everyone - I think the Yamaha looks good and Sonics/mechanicals are promising - is there a 3 head version?
  10. I’m after recommendations for a good performing three head deck (sonically and functionally) to aesthetically match my silver teac x1000r. Something from Teac’s range is an obvious choice - eg A770 but are there others worth keeping an eye out? Any there any silver three head Nak’s? thanks!
  11. I have one of these - it's terrific, very musical, engaging and is a real bass-meister!
  12. Chris Rea - Road to Hell Didn't expect much from this (original German-made pressing) but holey dooley - what production and sound - phenomenal for the $5 i paid!
  13. Item: As per title Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Seven HiFi World, 1 What HiFi and 3 HiFi Choice magazines in good condition. Pickup only from Alexandria in Inner West Sydney. Some very interesting reading and reviews in these. Will not post.
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