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  1. Most if not all current EV's have no front radiators open to the wind. I'm sure the cooling is done via much smaller radiators or electric devices elsewhere, as they don't need to cope with massive internal combustion temps or even the under hood temps of ICE cars. It might well be a fake radiator in the same vien as camouflage on the bodywork.
  2. Only if Charlise Theron is involved
  3. Why does this have a large front radiator if an EV?
  4. Might be a stupid question but have you tried the master volume in Apple music? I found with apple music @ around 75% volume it was a fair match for Tidal via Roon playing the same tracks back to back. I have volume control turned off in Roon so my endpoints control it.
  5. I've now listened to a few albums back to back via Tidal MQA, Spotify premium and Apple Master lossless. I can't hear the difference on my headphone rig which should be the most resolving. Apple music on my 2ch system comes via Apple TV and converted from HDMI to optical inside my TV, so not comparing Apples with Apples 😂
  6. This would be perfect but the amp appears to be vapourware at this stage and the speakers haven't been released locally either to my knowledge. At $9k the speakers are probably out of his budget but the amp would team nicely the Walnut KLH Model 5 which will be available soon.
  7. He is a “high end” builder and he’s even got a bike to basically hang on the wall as art
  8. Tannoy I feel are old world retro, we are looking for minimalist or funky retro… if that makes sense
  9. But how do they sound? They seem good value considering the looks, I'm surprised they aren't hugely popular
  10. I've never heard the Chario constellation but did shoot him an image of the floorstander. They look sensational to me and within the right price bracket. Harbeth I feel would be getting over budget (even though he hasn't given 1) hence why the new (to us) KLH model 5 is on a short list. There is a walnut veneer coming soon on these as the standard colour does put me off.
  11. Where are these settings in Roon? I have several endpoints. Is it a global setting or for each endpoint?
  12. Interestingly I've just been doing blind tests of Crowded House new album via MQA or the Spotify premium version, so my midi setting says 96kHz regardless. I was getting my kids to swap with my back to the screen. Couldn't pick a difference but if selecting myself I'd say the MQA was slightly smoother. Confirmation bias right there.
  13. try sending it a redbook file via Roon or Tidal and see if your midi settings change as mine do. Interestingly Spotify doesn't change the midi settings.
  14. this is particularly annoying as I listen to heaps of my own music via Roon. I can now see that Roon will change the midi settings to reflect what Roon plays. So if I play a 44.1 file in Roon and then try a 192/24 file in Apple music it's actually down sampling the file unless I step in to change it.
  15. and are you also getting this re-sampling issue from Apple Music? Does your dac/amp display bitrate/depth?
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