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  1. Thanks, and I agree with your comments. These are great sounding speakers indeed. The other thing I like about them is they are the best balance of the speakers I've ever owned. What I mean by that is, - For the price, I have not found anything which sounded anywhere as good - For the size, I have not found anything which sounded anywhere as good - For the WAF, I have not found anything which sounded anywhere as good. Yes, there are cheaper speakers, better sounding speakers, and better WAF speakers ... but I think the STS has about the best balance
  2. I could be wrong, but that's not how I understand it. This is why ceiling paint is always matte, cause it's so easy to see imperfections in ceilings. Maybe @ronfishes can clarify.
  3. You guys have some nice rooms! I have a very very modest room in comparison, but 2 things I would do different if I was doing it again. Use a matt paint instead of a low sheen. I used low sheen because that's the default, and even though the room would be dark, the dark colour makes it very easy to see the imperfections on the walls ... and there's a lot of that in my room Paint the ceiling a dark colour. As always, YMMV.
  4. Ultra-performance floor-standing loudspeaker with built-in powered subwoofers RRP: $4995 High end Definitive Technology Mythos STS speakers in excellent condition. Built-in 300 Watt powered subwoofers deliver massive bass, eliminates need for separate subwoofer Hand-polished gloss aircraft-grade extruded aluminum enclosure with proprietary damping tech & polished granite base ensure total rigidity & stability. One-inch Pure Aluminum dome tweeter for extended highs that reveal nuance and shimmer without a trace of edginess. Each Mythos STS contains a D
  5. Definitive Technology Sup erCube 6000 Subwoofer High Performance 1500W Powered Subwoofer With 9" Woofer and Dual 10" Bass Radiators In excellent condition. Incredible bass performance from such a small footprint From website: Huge, accurate bass impact for movies and music from a compact enclosure, measuring only 12.88” x 12” x 13” 9” subwoofer driver pressure-coupled to two 10” Ultra Low Bass Radiators enhances speed, musicality and control 1500-watt digital tracking amplifier and 56-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) preamp stage improves performance Di
  6. This is exactly the kind of thing I want to avoid ... although not long ago I helped my brother in law renovate his bathroom and we started cutting, drilling, and sanding into the walls, only to find out later it was all asbestos. From what I have found so far, it seems 90% of people are confident that the new rockwool insulation is safe to be used in the rooms as sound treatment. However 10% says why take the risk? And I tend to agree with the 10%. I was under the impression that polyester didn't have have the density needed for lower end sound absorption, but it looks
  7. Hi everyone, Thanks for your reply so far. I should have been more detailed in my question. Based on my research, the foam is more designed for smaller spaces such as recording booths or podcasts, and good for vocal range, but not the lower range. Plus it is expensive if you want to do a large room. The polyester insulation I have been told doesn't have the density that the mineral/fiberglass stuff has, which is what you want for the lower range. This information could be wrong cause it's based from various sources from the 'Internet'. But that is why I wanted
  8. Hi everyone, I'm looking into getting/making some sound treatment panels. They look very simple to make, you make a frame, put some insulation/sound batts in, wrap it in fabric/weed mat, then hang it. My main concern is, the batts. Are they dangerous? Some have told me that the new rock/mineral wool is safe and non hazardous. It's only the glass stuff that is bad for you. Others have told me that they are designed to be in the walls, in the ceiling, or under the house, not in the actual room. If you are going to have just a piece of fabric covering them,
  9. I got a Taubmans colour called Private Jet This is what we used in the rest of the house as the feature wall colour. The idea is it'll be coherent colour scheme. Will see how it goes when I actually paint it. https://www.taubmans.com.au/colourcentre/colour-details/63617/private-jet
  10. It's never crossed my mind to paint the ceiling any colour other than white. But it makes sense. Annoying thing is I just painted the ceiling 2 days ago. I guess I'll have to buy some matt paint to do the celling again.
  11. I am in the process of painting my HT room. I have chosen a very dark grey. I have bought the paint but not put it on yet. I have painted the ceiling white, but it looks like it's common to paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls. Is there a reason for this?
  12. Yes you are correct. When I posted this I also emailed Transparent the same question and they too have confirmed this.
  13. This one has no arrows on the box. Based on the post suggest above, the IC versions should have the box closest to the amp, but it sounds like the speaker cable version should have the box closest to the speakers?
  14. Hi everyone, My brother has a pair of Transparent Music Wave Super speaker cables. They are pretty old, maybe 10+ years. As typical high end Transparent they have a big box which I believe they call the Network box. My question is which end does the Network box connect to? There are no arrows or markings on the cable or Network box. Only that the box is closer to one end of the cable than the other. So does the box sit close to the amp, or close to the speaker? TIA
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