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  1. FWIW peeps I bought one of these from Carlton AV a few months ago to replace two ageing UK made audiolab 8000m amps and I really like it. I'm driving it with a MF Nu Vista pre and the combination is perfect. S
  2. Thanks LHH - I really don't know anything about them so that's very helpful.
  3. Thank you. Yes I had wondered about the x-a200 monos but they don't come up too often. The reviews I have found seem quite good. Plus aesthetically it would be satisfyingly kubrick.
  4. Its actually around 1995 - the pre Tag versions. SO they possibly do need a full overhaul. I would be interested in an upgrade I think if it were for a long term - hence the passing interest in some NAP135s. Pretty open to all suggestions at the moment and there seems to be a fiar bit of collected knowledge here. I do like older british hifi (seeing as I came form there originally) Thank you Mike s
  5. Hi Cafe67 (what are they???) Yes that is also something I have been considering and certainly if peeps think its worthwhile. I guess that why I have asked here. Thank you s
  6. Hi Blakey - don't mind. I like the monos but I was also looking at a Naim NAP250-2 that was on ebay so if it sounds good etc.....thank you. s
  7. Hi there peeps, Newish here and I feel like I am asking "how long is a piece of string?" but I am looking to replace my ageing (but still very operational) Audiolab 8000m (x2 - UK made originals)) power amps. The pre is a MF Nu Vista which I really like and have just had serviced and re-valved and the speakers are Epos M22i. Main source is vinyl and digital streamed via a Leema DAC. Music is almost everything - maybe less classical. So I am really thinking second hand and trying to maintain the same pre-power balance. I quite like how it all sounds. Budget is variable but 2-4k for the right thing that will last (though i cannot help lusting after a pair of NAP135s which are more than that). I tend to keep stuff - my turntable is a heavily modified Planar 3 that I bought in 1990! Anyway - would appreciate any thoughts. Hope you are doing ok in these strange times. Simon
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