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  1. I'm curious about this book, and thought I'd buy it to see if I could learn some new tricks. I'm wondering if this is available in ebook form, or from an Australian source? The only place I could find it was in paperback directly on the official website, and postage was about USD$30 to Australia. Happy to discuss if someone has a second hand copy for sale, too. (Maybe @Jim Smith is still around and can add his thoughts. Would love to hear of a way to read the book in PDF or Kindle format).
  2. I've been using a Gene Cafe RB101 roaster that I bought on the classifieds here a couple of months ago. I did a fair bit of experimenting, and then ultimately tried roasting the same beans in few different ways. After I waited patiently for a week some blind taste tests were done of; those roasts, plus the roasted beans I usually buy, and finally, some other home roasted beans a friend sent. After assigning ratings to them by my partner and I, and averaging out scores, it turned out that the second best of the lot was achieved through a simple roasting method, compared to the others. I've since stuck with that. One tip I received, which I thought sounded smart, but which I'm yet to have the opportunity to follow through on, is to buy a bag of roasted beans of the green beans you're buying, so you have something to compare against. (I buy Colombian Volcan Galeras Supremo beans from https://beanbay.coffeesnobs.com.au, but they've been out of stock of the pre-roasted ones when I've ordered in the past). I've started enjoying roasting more after the initial trials of learning more about it, and at some point will consider whether I upgrade. Maybe to a Kaffelogic for the ease, or something that handles larger quantities at a time. The Gene Cafe does around 250g per roast, but I've started making extra bags for others, so that sometimes means running four or five roasts at a time :-).
  3. Really happy with mine. It’s possible to add Android apps to get other services like Bandcamp, Apple Music, Qobuz, etc. if you search the forums you can find info about a pretty decent TPU protection cover for it as well. GLWTS!
  4. Did another audit today, and have added to the available swap list: The Times - Pure The Times - Et Dieu Créa La Femme The Times - E For Edward Plump DJs - Eargasm Beth Orton - Central Reservation Tim Hecker - Love Streams Count Basie & The Mills Brothers - The Board Of Directors Blur - The Magic Whip Austra - Olympia Austra - Feel It Break Arcade Fire - Everything Now Full list is available in the quoted link.
  5. Did you get your query sorted out @ericd? I've had some communication with Funk Firm, but still working on getting my stuff rectified. If I was in a rush, I'd probably be concerned, but I'm not, so I guess it's okay
  6. Now there's a name I've not heard in many years... As in Internode Simon Hackett? Wow, good for him! I have faith that VAF would be in good hands with him.
  7. The Wii U was a bit of a fizzle for Nintendo, as far as consoles go and was superseded about five years ago now. It was replaced by the Switch in early 2017, which has been a blockbuster for them. You might be able to find an old Wii U for sale, but you'd still be looking at buying more controllers, as the Wii U came with a large gamepad that had a screen, and not the wiimotes. And, you can't get the current Just Dance games for it. I guess if you were hoping to keep it to under a couple of hundred dollars it could be an option though. But, if you have the budget, the Switch is a pretty good console, and you can get Just Dance 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 for it. It comes with two Joy-Cons, each which can act as one controller for Just Dance. Plus it can work as a handheld console if you like, and there's lots of other fun games that are great for families as your son gets older. (Mario Kart is an obvious one). The only thing is that you'd likely be looking at around $300-$350ish second hand for one. Also note that next week, a revised Switch is coming out that plays all the same games but has a bigger OLED screen. So, perhaps there'll be some cheap older ones on the market for those that are upgrading... I could probably go on and on about the Switch, and maybe I already have, but feel free to ask, and I'll try and answer any questions.
  8. I love Depeche Mode. When I was young, they were one of my favourite bands. I was gutted for days when they cancelled their Melbourne World Violation Tour at Festival Hall. I was ecstatic when I paid a small fortune to a scalper (45 minutes after the show had started) to see them live at Wembley, when they happened to be playing the same week I was visiting London in 1990. I used to where a D🌹M t-shirt like a uniform when I went out - I had several different variations 😆. But, I completely agree that someone paying this much for a copy of Personal Jesus is ... well, not something I would do. I bought it new when it was released. There's nothing special about the tracks on it. It happened to be blue translucent vinyl here. That is what makes this release so special to collectors. If someone wants to trade a sizeable record collection for it, I'm totally okay with that, and will be satisfied buying a black vinyl 12" copy to replace it.
  9. I've added a long list of records that I no longer need to discogs at https://www.discogs.com/lists/Swap-List/846931 - happy to discuss swaps. I've done a 'reasonable' job of matching release to that at discogs, so if a specific edition is your interest, check with me and I can confirm any questions. Condition varies from mint/sealed down to pretty poor, depending on the record.
  10. Item: Devialet Expert Pro 220 or 440 (w/ CI) Price Range: $5500-7000 for D220, $10000-11500 for D440 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Not in a rush, but am generally looking to migrate my existing D220 w/ CI to a D440 type setup. For the D220 would prefer a remote with it, but it's not 100% necessary given my use case. If a 440, happy to talk about a swap with my D220, or I can sell it on if need be. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can delete this text before pressing Submit).
  11. FYI, I believe that Arthur at FF has recently had a death of someone very close to him, so he may not be as present for these queries at the moment. (I had a similar-ish situation where I bought some Bo!ng feet for my Technics from Audiophile, and ran into some issues with them not being quite right for my turntable). I've given him a couple of weeks to deal with his sad news, and hope to have my situation rectified in coming weeks...
  12. If you're keen on the previous version of the cables, I bought these a few months ago and they are for sale for what I paid (which was asking price).
  13. Further information: APPLE WATCH NIKE SE GPS + CELLULAR 40mm Space Grey with Platinum/Black Nike Sport Band + AppleCare+, and protective case. Was bought in January, but only used for a couple of weeks as the receiver of the gift lost interest. Like new, barely worn. Comes with additional protective case (which it was always in when in use). AppleCare+ is valid till January 2023. (AppleCare+ For Apple Watch Nike provides expert technical support and additional hardware coverage from Apple, including up to two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months, each subject to a A$99 service fee. In addition, you’ll get 24/7 priority access to Apple experts by chat or phone.) Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a reasonable donation for selling fees is expected upon successful sale of your item - if you have previously sold items and not made a donation, your advertisement may not be approved.
  14. Beautiful finish on these. I almost bought a previous generation pair earlier this year after reading up on them and seeing a lot of positive feedback, but went a different direction. GLWTS!
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