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  1. watched black widow on 4k uhd blu-ray, i am not a huge fan of marvel movies usually... but enjoyed this one as not really your typical marvel movie i dont think. scarlet is excellent as are the other charecters, loved the family / Russian characterisations ..excellent audio ! ... in the picture side plenty of wow scenes... on the 4k uhd blu-ray, pausing has the menu popping up... so grabbed these screenshots on the fly while viewing with JVC n7 projector ...
  2. the 8802a is flagship, and id probably get this if you wanted something decent for HT but also pretty decent music and 2ch wise. its actually quite surprising how good these 8 series processors are. the 8 series are a 13.2 channel processor the 7 series are step below, but still perfectly capable ht wise...the 7 series are limited to 11.2 channels ie its your typical 7 channels base and 4 heights... id skip the 7702 unless its a 7702mk2 which what really need for current media and ht needs...formats hdmi etc. a 7702mk2 will handle a dedicated room with prowess and to excellent end result ... otherwise the 7703 then is the one to get if cant afford the 8802a if can afford the av8802a definitely get that... it is s distinct step up and was fully updated by marantz with the A update and will handle everything thrown at it ...
  3. might be of interest to folk considering, the JVC seem to be getting an airing around the traps... the comments below from zenofin from Finland who posted on avs... "Just saw today NZ7 alive here in Helsinki in a dedicated showroom with 150" Stewart AT G4, 1.3 gain?, not sure about those specs. Laser was set to high but I tested also with medium setting. Preproduction unit, fw 0.92, not calibrated, 55 used hours, panel alignment had some issues, HDMI inputs had some issues according to presenter, and I noticed some issues with 8K eshift, mostly like a faint pixelation. I can't describe it better because it was the first time with 8K eshift to me. I have N5 but the room settings are so different I am not able to compare picture quality or contrast fully. Also, shown movie was Dunkirk having natural film grain which did not make it easier. Frame-to-frame adapt seem to work well during difficult scenes at sea. Contrast seem to be comparable to my N5 if not better. However, I have 2800 hours in lamp so I was a bit disappointed. After 1 hour exhaust air seem to be cooler than air coming out from my N5, only hand tested. Noise level with medium laser setting seem to be comparable with N5 at low lamp setting but it was not possible to be sure because of the different room settings. I don't think I saw FFTB working with this projector, but this was my first encounter with laser projectors and thus I might not even recognize it 😀. NZ9 was also there but I did not have time and interest to check it. It is well over my budget. Presenter was very hopeful first NZ7 and NZ9 units will be delivered before the year end. He is a calibrator and told me that my SpyderX and xRite iDisplay Pro Plus would not work optimally for calibrating blue laser projectors. Comments on that? I think I have to wait for a production unit and a released fw 1.x to check NZ7 again before judging if it is worth upgrading. It was not so eye catching event like when I first saw N5's picture quality 3 years ago in the same showroom. However, I'll get an upgrade offer for NZ7 which includes my N5 with a new lamp as partial payment. This was really an amateur evaluation so wait for seeing these projectors yourself (and don't bother to get any good answers from me ☺)."
  4. I found it on brit box.... am enjoying Pro T this is a classy show... great picture, audio/music.. lovely setting... and excellent characters ...everything is very polished... and concise in the one episode case the 1st episode I watched... looking forward to the next one ...for the crime drama genre this is excellent !
  5. i know some identified this last year sometime and impacting processing on all brands when using the DSU - dolby surround upmixer... as admitted by dolby themselves. looks like sound united has worked with dolby for a fix... and looks like coming on dec 15th. not sure if this is coming for other brands at this time, but it is for the av8805/A note below from jdsmoothie on avs "Update: The Dialog Bleed firmware fix release date has been updated as shown below. Dialog bleeds over to Surround speakers - When the source is 2CH stereo and when using the Dolby Surround upmixer (DSU), the dialog can be heard bleeding into the surround speakers. Sound United worked with Dolby to resolve the issue. Marantz should be releasing a firmware fix to resolve this issue for the AV8805/AV8805A on December 15."
  6. I cant believe the free world updates coming through on the microsoft flight simulator... the one in the alps and plane that can fly on it is utterly gorgeous as is the us, uk and japan updates amazing stuff my thrustmaster hotas stick/throttle and rudder pedals is working a treat on these too haven had so much fun just flying around since the old pc days ... just loving this
  7. hopefully @Shankman get a replacement soon enough so can get to enjoy the 83" are seemingly a challenge i did read to transport just given their size/weight but still delicate nature... so not sure if its something that contributed ! be interesting with regards the sony tech and how things go...
  8. curious piece here from top gear... https://www.topgear.com/car-news/opinion/opinion-vw-golf-r-too-sensible-its-own-good? "Opinion: is the VW Golf R too sensible for its own good? Let’s examine why the 316bhp AWD super-Golf couldn’t see off a Hyundai costing half as much" if they are talking opinions, Personally... on the 4 aspects mentioned... am fine with the seats... velour is good better than the fake carbonfibre and very bland seats they had before ...the akrvpovic exhaust is fine too... the look is a bit meh...well its no different to much of golf Rs prior.. and no if had the car woudl probably never actually use the drift mode bizarre they side stepped on the price ... which is probably the biggest issue anyone likely have with it ...
  9. the krix in all my experience are an outstanding local option that makes considering a ton of overseas big brands definitely questionable unless have a particular brand association / appeal if i were doing a ht only rig... id just go with one of their setups... a krix wall is a fantastic start pretty much takes care of the front stage their surrounds and in-ceiling speakers are also outstanding... speakers as an investment that will out live most things electronics etc. so definitely think worth careful consideration... as to amps they use elektra themselves (which they get arthur to make branded and to suit) if looking at other brands for a dedicated ht / av rig... the others id look at would be klipsch, JBL and M&K sound.....
  10. BBQ weather is definitely settling in encouraged us to do burgers today .... sorry i was just not quick enough to get a shot of a completed one... as vanished too quick but wife did want a deconstructed ... open plate version... so did get a chance to grab a photo of that what are peoples recipes for burgers ? ours is an amalgamation of @joz 's recipe and the webber one So couple of table spoons of finely chopped parsley, 1 clove of garlic crushed, half a brown onion diced fine, one egg, 1/4 teaspoon of red chilli powder, 1/4 teaspoon of cumin powder. salt, pepper, 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs and 500gm of pork mince all mashed up just a humble burger ... but gosh these things can be tasty !
  11. hi blybo... unfortunately for auto these days they down just give you natural plain leather.. its actually has a coating to protect ... so you end up with a kind of similar feel to vinyl... sadly... i had this with the "vienna leather" we had in our golf gti.. might as well have been vinyl ! the perforated leather am talking about is eg used by merc on their a series when get leather option...they used to cut it red cut.. was basically perforated and the cut bits were red looked rather good... ... below is a very poor photo of it... on the AMG version of the car you got jsut the straight perforated... have absolutely zero interest myself in "vegan" leathers... though mercs artico as i mentioned they have for years is very good... though will see they only use those in the high wear areas of seats not actual seated sections. artico has better wear characteristics than leather even so can understand its use as they do :)basically though while looks like leather its todays vinyl ps i dont have any issues re cloth in my car ...as kids have long since passed stages of any issues with both teenagers now ....
  12. yeah i dont get into any of that kind of stuff I found the artico (artificial cow) + dinamica seats in the merc i had to be outstanding, as with the alcantara seats in my current bmw, no problem at all with these in all sorts of conditions... 35 deg+ driving around in north regional Victoria and such ... as was in our fiat 500 with its plain but very comfy cloth seats... this thing got around in all weather and no drama at all. i was in and out of it with meetings and stuff constantly over quite a few years.... understand with the subbies synthetic fabric seats being less than appealing... but i suspect there are some better options out there and certainly possible as has been my experience no idea on cooled seats ..but i like the heated seats in my bmw ...invaluable in those frosty very cold start mornings if going leather ... the breathable leather is not bad in my opinion...certianly better than the synthetic or plastic coated leathers we tend to get these days and whcih are not really that great for breathability ...
  13. volvos commitment, do note while they say as of now its only 2030 they plan to be fully electric https://www.volvocars.com/au/v/sustainability/the-ultimate-safety-test? I do like the other tidbit there... they are dumping leather woohoo... hopefully means no more boring as batsh!t bland leather interiors (that are so common now its likethte vinyl of the 70s ! ) and a bit more fun hopefully with use of fabrics and textures and such ..
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