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  1. Is his rationale analogous to car engines? Every modern car engine can get to 100km/h. Is he saying you can put any engine into any car and go 100km/h which I guess is true? But the subjective experience will be different. Good luck putting a V12 into a Honda Civic.
  2. I watched it again 3 months from now. Loved it even more.
  3. @Pops110 I have had two Denons over the years. A DL103 and a DL103r. I much prefer the 103. I know they get maligned but they really are a no b_____t musical cartridge. I have had some cartridges that cost 10 times as much but I always seem to go back to the DL103 and listen to music and not “Hi-Fi”. I remember seeing a YouTube video of Schroeder tonearms and they asked what’s his favourite cartridge, he laughed and said the 103 he also says he never loses sleep if the cleaning lady breaks it!
  4. @Baz W no cartridge mate sorry. Also - The Linear power supply costs $300 and makes a huge difference
  5. @Pops110 great to hear. Enjoy the Dark Side
  6. Further information: tremendous turntable. Bought this year. Have all packaging etc. have included a linear power supply which is a huge improvement over the standard wall wart Photos:
  7. https://community.naimaudio.com/t/new-from-naim-solstice-special-edition-turntable/17415
  8. @sammynb yep. In certain parts it has a bit of Mutiny Sessions and Junkyard vibe
  9. I’ve bought off @rossb before cartridge was immaculate!!! GLWS
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