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  1. Def Leppard - Hysteria (OG Aussie press) Never heard this album. sound so good (seriously) Is it the Denon 110 cart or the Dynavector P75 Mk4 phono. Dunno but it sounds incredible!
  2. Phil Collins - Serious Hits Live Sadly Mr. Collins is battling some serious health issues so may never get to see the man on stage. Cranked to 11....
  3. I had one for a while and enjoyed it. Beautifully built (for the price) but in my system at least was quite noisy. I remember hearing the radio through my speakers if I cranked the volume a bit so clearly had some shielding issues.
  4. I occasionally buy the odd extra brisket and grind the whole thing down using a 6mm plate, form into patties and thats it. Key here is to use a full "packer" brisket which has both the point and flat muscles on it otherwise the meat will be too lean. Lately ive been seasoning it with some Boars Night Out - White Lightning prior to throwing on the fire (which is rapidly becoming my fav. seasoning) and thats it. Super simple and quick.
  5. You me You mean the 800's? Thats all they seem to have on sale right now
  6. Cheers @Candyflip Gong - ExpressoII
  7. After a fair amount of turmoil, frustration and even a tear or two I'm finally beginning to feel like the system is settling down into a place where I'm finding listening sessions enjoyable and rewarding but most importantly mood lifting as I've relied on music for nearly 40 years to provide relief from the outside world and regrettably for one reason or another haven been able to obtain nirvana for a good few years now. Tell you what though, the Dynavector phono & lowly Denon DL-110 is a KILLER combo. Had carts costing 20x the price and not sound as good it's simply shocking how good it sounds now. I've said it before many times but I reckon a lot of folks are too eager to climb the phono/cart ladder without ever realizing the potential of what they have as the better the upstream components I've put on them the better they become.
  8. Wow some pretty big changes there! What speakers are those? look great along with the room. Hmmm Kode9 , Electric Wizard.........sounds like another GTG is in order 👍
  9. What to do mate, it is what it is and 4m ain't that long given the correct gauge cable is used. The new Krell CAST cables I got last week are 10m so there's definitely lengthy runs in the system right now however its sounding better than ever so in not being overly phased by it.
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