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  1. Its the unfortunate truth MB. My past 18 mths have been plagued with amp issues one way or another. I literally have crates of vinyl purchases that remain unplayed that I hope to rectify soon.
  2. Decided to finally document the refurbishment of my Krell 400CX that I picked up a few months ago. Although it worked (and sounded) fine I was bugged by a minor heat issue with the left channel running approx 10 degrees hotter than the right so decided to take the plunge and perform a full recap in the hope that the issue might be related to the aging capacitors which for those who've done it know its is quite the undertaking with over 200 capacitors to replace! So off went the lid for a bit of a poke around. Thankfully no signs of previous repairs or anything dodgy (always a conce
  3. Heard the news while driving my son to school this morning and instantly choked up and had to fight to compose myself. Its been a really depressing day for me as ZZ have been a fav. of mine since 83'. Rest well Dusty and may your tunes forever be in people's heads & hearts.
  4. Hang on I thought the replacement speakers were the Kii three's. I clearly haven't been paying attention. So what are you getting again?
  5. Still haven't hooked it up im afraid as my amp is in the process of a massive refurb.
  6. Won't be coupling caps. If it was then you'd notice a frequency imbalance in the output response. Ive done repairs where one (or both) channels had major bass deficiencies which was fixed by swapping out the coupling caps. Your issue I suspect is due to the main power supply filter caps. As a rule if you don't want to change every single one it's typically the largest ones that tend to fail first.
  7. Bet it's the caps. if I were you id be replacing all electrolytic caps as there aging and most likely going resistive now. As you say at low volumes (or headphones) all good but once pushed the juice is running out causing distortion.
  8. Sounds to me like a dirty laser or failing solder joint/connector. Pop off the lid and see if the laser lens is visible and if so inspect under good light and some magnification for any debris as the tiniest amount can cause all sorts of issues. If so get some iso (99% is best) and gently give the lense a clean with a cotton bud. I've saved dozens of cd players from the grave with this simple trick.
  9. Further information: Top of the range 2500VA Toroidy power transformer purchased for an amp project in 2020 that never came to fruition Fully tested and as new. TSTAS 2500VA PRI: 240V primary winding with flexible winding with 300mm long leads SEC I : 60V – 0 – 60V Centre tap winding with flexible wires with 300mm long leads SEC II : 60V – 0 – 60V Centre tap winding with flexible wires with 300mm long leads Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this
  10. Thats where driverless cars will come in. Soon all family members will be enjoying a movie whilst heading to their favorite destination 🙈
  11. Not a gamer myself but a big YO back to ya. Thanks for stopping by.
  12. Oh Wow! So where can I find some more info on this release as being a massive fan of the film I have all previous releases so would like to know more. Well done on the revised artwork too. Looks great.
  13. Just what (the lockdown) Dr. ordered. A beefy stout thats 10.8 horsepower, smooth as velvet and aged in bourbon barrels. The name sums me (and im sure many others here on SNA) up perfectly!
  14. That aint the half of it! 2017HiFiShowParty12.jpg
  15. Nevermind the show, it's the after show dinner that i'm looking forward too 😆
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