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  1. my uncle loved music then he had a stroke and now it irritates him.
  2. Major update there is nothing wrong with the crossover the upper binding posts are connected to the back of the board with a copper trace , also if i only connect the HF speaker cables sound comes from the the 2 HF speakers just as it should. Funny thing is wharfedale where going to fix them because even they did not know. anyway all is well that ends well
  3. spoke to supplier yesterday they have apologized for the speakers and have sent picture to Wharfedale QC they will get back to me once they hear back. I will post updates as i receive them.
  4. It looks as though I will be contacting the supplier in question tomorrow and depending upon the response I will either be naming them or be providing an update.
  5. so the other day i went to undo the speaker cables from the speakers binding posts when it just started to spin so i undid the screws and got access to tighten them what i saw has me scratching my head and need some advise before i make allegations. I bought these speakers new or i thought i did from a well known supplier, from the picture you will see that it appears as though the top binding posts (high frequencies) have been disconnected(don't worry about the bent bits i fixed them)and reconnected into the one (low frequency) binding posts, to me it appears as though these were not brand new and even worse have been butchered. Any opinions on this? Thanks
  6. it was very strange it was almost as if i was selling one of my kids!
  7. as some of you may know i had my Wharfedale Jade 7's up for sale here and on Gumtree, i was contacted by someone wanting to buy them and after a lot of messages back and forth i chickened out and could not sell them. I had more on them than here($4000) but when push came to shove i could not let them go, anyone else had this happen to them?
  8. does anyone know who made/supplied the USB DAC board for the MiniMax Supreme?
  9. i had the Plus and now the Supreme, could not be happier with the quality of the sound on both units(Dexa opamps). One album would and still does, turn into half a day
  10. each USB board manufacturer develops there own drivers so if Eastern electric made the XMOS USB board then they were the ones that restricted it, if it was not made by them then then the restrictions were put in place by them, but no one can say who the supplier of the board is and i am unable to find this information. May be it is from the same developer of the new driver??
  11. well it appears that though the help of some XMOS developers i have found an aftermarket driver that will match my USB id's and allow direct DSD256. I have said my thoughts on this matter and that is that The allowing of direct DSD256 is the simple adjustment of a few lines of code, the limitations were put in place at the time the driver was created! With the simple changing of these few lines of code direct DSD256 would have been enabled, this is from the XMOS developers. Details are here if anyone wants to check https://www.xmos.ai/download/AN00103:-Enabling-DSD256-in-the-USB-Audio-2.0-Device-Reference-Design-Software(1.0.2rc1).pdf
  12. Maybe not a conspiracy(everyone banding together for common gain) but it wouldn't be the first time where a manufacturer did not have the customers best interest in mind.
  13. this looks like it would be a great DAC as long as it's power supply is clean, and for the price you really couldn't go wrong, in fact if i had the money i would be ordering one right now just for shits and giggles. It would be interesting to compare to something more expensive(and my MiniMax supreme for that matter), we need more manufactures like this just to keep everyone honest.
  14. it is possible to do direct DSD256 and even DSD512(and maybe even higher) on windows if the driver allows for it, so it comes down to the manufacturer and what they want to allow.The DAC i have sounds great and in that regard i am very happy! it is just the fact that it has been restricted that has me questioning the integrity of certain(not all) audio equipment manufactures and how many are just taking us for a ride.
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