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  1. Clynelish 14, such a cracking dram and hard to beat for around $100 bottle. If you haven't already tried it, do yourself a favour and grab one. 👌😋
  2. I was looking at Hellyers at First Choice, online. They have it on sale for $80! Respectable price for 46%abv, non-chill filtered, natural colour. I think it is the NAS Original.
  3. Not tried it yet. Bit too pricey for me, at 500ml bottles.
  4. @AccuMagiSpeakers look like Hulgich Audio Astor?
  5. An ok drop 😐, but won't be replaced. Too soft on presentation, 40%abv, chill filtered, colour added. Many better malts around for same or less money imho.
  6. @pete_mac Have ya cracked it open yet Pete? It's gotta be a good'n 👌😃
  7. Blast from the past.... Shawshank Redemption 👍
  8. Oh yeah, very nice indeed 😁👍
  9. Tomatin 👌😃 Which one is that?
  10. A glass of red and a movie with the Mrs. 👌
  11. New one on the shelf today. Tamdhu 15 Limited Release, from Speyside. Exclusively matured in Oloroso Sherry Casks. 46% abv. Non chill filtered. Natural colour. 👌 Very highly reviewed, so i'm looking forward to this one!
  12. Dropped in to Dr Dan's today. Good to see they had new stock of a superb sherry bomb 👍.
  13. Great red for the price! 👌😋 Going down well this arvo...
  14. Yep, just as the label suggests 😋👍
  15. Very nice indeed! 👌😋
  16. A nice Bourbon while cooking up some beef nachos for dinner 👍
  17. A tasty little giant, for a young one. 😋
  18. Enjoying a lock-down Mortlach 16 tonight.
  19. About to enjoy one of my favs 😋👍
  20. Very nice Pete! Cask Strength too 😋
  21. Right place, right time today. Picking up a few bottles for the Boss today and what do i see..... Glen Scotia Victoriana, clear out sale, half price! 🤯 at First Choice So now have a backup bottle.
  22. Doesn't get much better than this! Day off at home, wife's at work, kids at school. Sitting back with one of my favs, while watching the Laphroaig Distillery tour. + 70s rock playing all day. Just gotta soak up these very rare days...
  23. A good red for the small asking price 😋.
  24. A very local beer to me. Quite good too!
  25. That's apparently a very good whisky! 👌😁 Enjoy! 👍
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