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  1. And what a nice collection of other gear: Revox, Kudelski's Nagra, B&W qube woofer, Sony's portable cassette recorder. All classics. Do not recognize the amp or the other small black box, but I am sure they have the same quality pedigree.
  2. Further information: This player is in very good condition and other than normal service of belt replacement and limit switches clean, it had the display (which was very dim) replaced and mod stopping the damage to the new one fitted, as per factory change sheet. It is very similar inside to the Roksan Caspian. Unlike most C.E.C. transports (including the top units) which have very poor and mangled output, this unit has quite a good one with rising and falling edges being almost perfectly vertical. For more info, please check out the video below where I talk more about the features and build quality. You might even want to subscribe to my channel for I need 200 more subscribers 😉 Comes with original remote controller. Headphone output is of quite reasonable quality. As always, local pickup purchasers who pay cash get unconditional 12 months warranty. Photos:
  3. Item: Wadia 861 or 27ix. Price Range: To Be Agreed Item Condition: Used or even faulty Extra Info: I am after a unit with inputs and 24/96 capability (which makes it necessary for it to have PCM-1704 DAC chips). Also interested to some degree with other Wadia players/DACs. Can be faulty o with issues because I repair CD players and can handle most of faults with exception of their DSP which is proprietary and undocumented.
  4. That would be great How much is the shipping? 😉
  5. Please tell the guy who buys it, that if he doesn't like Ornette Coleman Trio, then I'll take it off him 😉 I'd buy your collection but this is the only CD that is really avant-garde there.
  6. Definitely not 🙂 I do not do DVD players. I even try to stay away from SACD players if I can. But thanks for remembering me. BTW. How much would you pay for this player if I fixed it?
  7. Further information: This is one day only for I am sitting on an offer for this on a well know auction site but would rather make a donation here than pay fees to that multinational. Very collectable player from Marantz Japan (all previous units I had were either Malaysian, Belgian or UK models). Comes with Original Remote, Manual, Box (box is not original but comes from a similar SE Version). This player had laser replaced with... poor quality one which did not work. I fitted one of my lasers which I buy from a wholesaler in Sydney (WES Components) and it now works OK. Also new drawer belt was fitted and limit switches cleaned. Another words - normal service. Very much in original condition. Very rare Made in Japan with Champagne finish. Playing both pressed CDs and CD-Rs with ease and reading "Table of Contents" in under 1 second. The sound is superb and hugely superior to a standard CD-63. Sorry about the price, but it is really unique. This unit is modified from standard version and has (from what I can see): the muting circuit removed, resulting in direct path from HDAMs to the output jacks IEC power socket fitted upgraded output jacks clock upgrade Very good condition throughout with the main Printed Circuit Board inside is in pristine condition, as is the copper chassis (please see pics #8 & 9 where the mechanism is removed for service). Full, unconditional 12 month warranty for local, cash paying customers. Please see the test video of this player on my uTube High End Audio Restoration channel: Testing of Marantz CD-63 Mk2 KI uTube Video Photos:
  8. Further information: This is by far the best SACD reader I have seen in the last 5 years of CD player servicing. It basically reads either SACDs or Red Book CDs (and CD-Rs) with equal ease and speed of a normal CD player. Maybe not one with KSS-190A, KSS-151A or any of the Philips swing arm ones (CDM-1 to 9) but will probably hold its own against any other CD player. All this at less than half the laser output (less than 0.04mW versus 0.1mW which is the normal minimum for CD players). Not perfect, but very good coaxial output, so it is very suitable to be used as transport (please ask for pics if interested). Only replacement of the loading tray belt was necessary, but while there I cleaned the limit switches as well. Not much information on it on the net and I did not take it apart too much just to gain more info. Suffice to say it has: Burr-Brown PCM1738 DAC chip Sony KHM-280AAA laser mechanism (with very nice and smooth loader) Sony CD/SACD servo system R-Core transformer that could be enough for a average power amp Advanced SACD decoding chip with high precision clock system effectively reduces jitter (this comes from the net) Capacitors are Rybycons, Nichicons and Nichicon Fine Gold 11 voltage regulators Comes with original box and remote. I have over 3000 CDs and not a single SACD (other than couple of test ones - for which I have to thank @psychometrics1) so there is little point for me to keep it. But if I had some, it would not be likely that I would sell it any time soon. Sent fully insured with TNT Technology Sensitive Service for $50 anywhere in Australia. Local cash buyers receive full 12 months Warranty. Video of this player can be found on my uTube channel hear-net-au by clicking HERE Photos:
  9. Too true. CDM-4 is the most reliable mechanism ever made. I have seen only one fail. This was after player was dropped to the floor... If you like DAC-7 (TDA-1547, the successor of the TDA-1541), then you should snap it up. I do not know about this one, but in general Marantz player are not the best as transports, for their SPDIF trace is not great. But the analogue output is very refined and warm. With spare laser - not that you ever will need it - it is a no-brainer. GLWTS.
  10. So there are real balanced tube amps after all. 😉 I often tease my tube-fanatic friends and tell them that their S.E.T. design is just a cheap solution. To which they always reply: "it wasn't cheap, I can tell you that much". To which I say in turn, it was, if you compare it with the price you'd have to pay for a proper balanced design. And here we are. What was its RRP? GLWTS. This is what I would buy if I could afford it (and was into tubes that much).
  11. That is a purpose of balanced connections. Purpose of balanced equipment is to make them sound better than single ended. Virtually all high end gear made recently is balanced. I cannot imagine situation in which there would be a gain of using balanced equipment in single ended mode. Steffen is right that this is the only way of properly doing the conversion, but you will probably pay for it with loss of slam in the system and increase of signal to noise. This you do not know. It is merely someone else opinion and this someone might not have a truly balanced system. Wait till you get it and see if it suit you. Maybe it will not be as good as the audio-gd and you are worrying unnecessarily. One way or another, you will not make single ended output into proper balanced one. It is like making a colour film out of black and white one. There are fine digital processes out there and there were successful conversions, but it is never as good as the film shot in colour in the first place.
  12. If you know what you want, you probably can get it at X-On in Perth
  13. I would start the servicing by replacing these Philips axial capacitors. They are notorious for being leaky. This can possibly fix the skipping issue.
  14. If you do have a multimeter with continuity tester, make sure that there is a continuity from one centre pin to the one on other end, and also the continuity between the outer rings at both ends. Then check, that there is no short from the centre to the outer ring. In either cable. That is all that there is to it.
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