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  1. Swapping out semis makes little difference unless you go from BJT to jfets, but then the circuit parameter changes. Biggest difference is in the input /output capacitors, capacitors are there for circuit isolation for any DC offset that can effect stages. Most components as a Vin for source will already have a output capacitor therefore if that’s so the input Capacitor can be bypassed. Minimising caps used in the signal path is crucial to SQ. To bypass C1 you must know whether your source you are connecting to the input as Vin have an output cap.
  2. My $0.02 worth, go SSD if you can. The Samsung are as good as it gets, we’ve been swapping the spinners out n print servers and boy what a difference......stone reliable too! We haven’t had to reimage with any of the SSDs installed, Saids a lot! And yep, most sites operate 26/7.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ozvintagehifi/?ref=share a Marantz 6006 in Cowes.....any takers 😀
  4. https://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/parking-and-transport/roads/road-safety/Pages/city-speed-limits.aspx 20km/hr in one way small CBD streets, …..soon a snail will get a speeding fine
  5. many thanks to you @Snoopy8 that I decided this over 2years now. Never had an issue with, the satellite is still in the same spot, from the main unit which is in the corner of the kitchen to 13-14m upstairs and I still get 100/40…. The only issue I have is nbn dropping out and Aussie Broadband notifying via email to say the service is down, which is not the Orbi fault. And yes, scary thought, I walk down the street around 100mts and the streaming stops, why? The phone is out of wifi range! Orbi is wifi done right, I have 300mtrs of cat5 hidden in walls during the build, yet none
  6. I stand correct if I’m wrong but The drives on the OPPO 103/105 weren’t made by OPPO, they were supplied by a third party, can’t remember the manufacturer but it was found in other optical vendors. The 203/205 had the optical transport designed from the ground up. I remember on the AV forum how members complained about it having read issues, also a number of owners here also had the same issue, one member went for a full refund. One of the very decision I decided against buying a 205 eve though I could it had fir $1750 when it was on offer, now look at them!
  7. I doubt with any vehicle you can safely go around that bend at 100km/hr. Good on them for being realistic and to advise on up coming bend with a speed limit, it will lawfully deter those who are willing to try going at 100km/hr and kill themselves, worst even if they happen to hurt or kill someone else, it’s not a race track it’s a public road.
  8. I bought the 105 and stuck a 2TB HDD with music, used the iPad to search for albums, I’ve never used it as a disc play ever, oh I tell a lie, only used it to ensure it worked when pulled out of the box.
  9. Yes, all the above. the original unit was bullet proof, the 2nd generation was also implemented in to car audio, I remember my boss was so exited to have a Sony Stereo with CD and the minute it was put into the vehicle he regretted it! The thing just wouldn’t work and had it multiple times in the service dept trying all sorts of adjustment. He gave up and sold it, only had it no more than a month. PlayStation 2 was notorious for read issues and the transport was never right, it ended if you bought any Sony disc player in that era you would encounter issues. However the intro
  10. Laptops have had an absent of optical drive for more than a decade and a 1/2. Memory storage is plentiful and cheap, even SSD are now so much affordable. Better and faster internet connection means that companies like Adobe etc are converting to subscription to rip off there users, get use to this as other companies are doing the same such as Fiery. There business model assumes you will be on line…… The optical disc was good for its time (1980) , fit for purpose, It’s had its ups and downs, as we discover that that the lasers don’t last forever, neither do the mechanisms t
  11. Some days I can do with a hangover 😉👍
  12. I did 12mths of 6908 machine language coding….. the next 12 mths was to designed a project utilising the 6809….. After that, would have obtained a diploma of electronics…. However, funny how life throws twist and turns; unexpected 9mths in the oven, so dropped out and working after hours and on w/ends was the only way to make ends meet…. Literally doubled my wage only to be screwed by the tax man All I could remember now since it’s been over 30yrs from the theory is doing subroutines with accumulator A and B with a number of registry…. Interesting topic with digital 1 and 2 remembering
  13. I’d plead guilty on both accounts as charged! 😂
  14. I was in an op shop somewhere Nth west Melb, stumble into this antique or op shop store a few years a ago, not looking for much and no expectation, found a collection that was possible off loaded by an audiophile, found a lot of LPs including Linda Rostandt Whats New album that’s from the 80s….gold! And also found the Eurugliders main LP. I haven’t bought LPs or Vinyl since CD flooded the market, these I had to purchase as these were in great condition and cheap. Goes to show that now, when I pass an op or an antique store it’s a must just to check them out, those LPs b4 the 90s a
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