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  1. G'day Max, welcome to the site. "1962"...your a young un then. When you ask for ideas you most certainly have to also describe a budget and if your wanting to buy new or used. Lot's of places in the UK to chase 2nd hand bargains, an old LP12 for instant, lots of them about. Salisbury. I was there 4 years ago almost to the day, first time traveller and first time visit...loved the place, had a grand time. Enjoy your time here.
  2. Einstürzende Neubauten's newie, „Alles in Allem“ Blixa Bargeld and his crew at maybe their most approachable.
  3. There's bloody razor sharp knives, sharp knives, usable knives, butter knives, cheese knives, them small curved ones you use to cut the foil off a nice bottle of wine that has a cork, knives you use as a screwdriver, knives you use to pry open things and then bend them in unusable shapes and then way down at the bottom of the draw there is the knife that was never the sharpest, blunt as a dead dingo's donger. I have one of them. I'm calling it the 'Joz' from now on.
  4. You accepting lowball offers on it? I'm readying the PM now.🤑
  5. https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2021-09-15/stone-wood-sale-lion-bombshell/100459176 Local brewer sells out to the big boys and tries to claim the high moral ground and make out they're not taking the filthy lucre. Gimme a break. S+W's beers have been becoming more homogenised as they've got bigger and anyone worth their beer drinking salt saw the writing on the wall a few years ago as they expanded the range and it became just another item attached to the 'Byron myth'. Good luck to the families who've cashed in big time. Thankfully the local boutique brewery that stole S+W's thunder a good while ago(locally that is) is going gangbusters. If you can lay your hands on a fourpack of their West coast IPA Yum! >>>https://www.sevenmilebrewing.com.au/our-beers/
  6. @TerryO Wow Terry. Can't wait to come up and have a listen to these beauties.
  7. Try connecting the TT direct to the amp's phono and see if you get sound.
  8. These yammy speakers currently run these. Maybe they will when Spotty goes flac
  9. @Shay I've just bought a TT for my daughter and she wants wireless and bluetooth and has little room for amps ect so I bought this while on special two weeks ago for $490. Yamaha TT-N503 (MusicCast Vinyl 500) I'm looking at maybe Sonos speaker[s] or the Yammie music cast active speaker[s] Yamaha TT-N503 (MusicCast Vinyl 500) Yamaha TT Might be worth a squiz. Edit: Amazon have the price back up to $699 and they're saying it's still a 30% saving on the original rrp of a Grand.
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