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  1. So why even post Lindsay? You do realise that a huge proportion of your posts contain this feature: "Edit'. Pointless surely.
  2. Carole King for me. His Bobness is there also but Carole Bayer Sager and Burt Bacharach. Oi Shane, why no women in your list? Nevermind, the thread will descend into a why isn't this person on the list wont it. John Prine wrote some quirky songs but Doc Pomus wrote many great ones and you should of had him in your list yeah. If any one owns the tribute album to Doc Pomus then your sitting on bucks. A lot of Metal Beats list are on it because they nearly all owe him a debt of favour. There's an absolutely wicked version of Viva Las Vegas on that
  3. That's the way you do it @Whatsinaname In a For Sale ad it's always best practice and you wont get pinged by the Mods if you ask your questions about an item for sale via the PM function. You leave all your Q's to that function, you don't call the seller out in their FS thread otherwise the 'white-Anting' clause will come into play.
  4. Gone old, gone back, gone good! Now for the blue loop double live album, any here remember it apart from @LogicprObe ...lol
  5. Why? Knobs are available world wide but particularly in the US and oddly enough in Germany and Italy. I'd never let a lack of a knob stop me...(Boom tish!😆) Seriously. Like do a google and then do a deep google and see what didn't sell and see what did sell and chase up the seller , make contact as they know where 'stuff' is. It's a worthwhile pursuit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/114600661134
  6. Yup. Agree 100%. Spotify is my discover music service and it's compressed format doesn't matter one iota to me due to my work environment. If I hear something I like I hit the ❤️ button or Shazam and then listen to the whole album at home and then go searching for the vinyl if it's available that is. Don't know how many times I've heard something I like, find it on Bandcamp and then see that the 500 vinyl sold out yonks ago and on Discgogs it's now 200 bucks! But occasionally the still available sign flashes and I hit buy.
  7. There are Rotel stockists and then there are Rotel/Michi stockists. I just looked through that site you've linked to, what a dated way to present your gear eh, but good luck to them, it's their choice. I see Rotel there but not Michi, maybe I missed the link there. I looked at Michi and thought I'd get a good deal from my friends at Tivoli HiFi as they are Rotel stockists. When I enquired they told me that Michi is Rotel's high end branch and they are not stockists for it and just keep the cheaper low end Rotels. Which was a bummer as I'd of got a nice deal there. So unless Chall
  8. I get in the car, I let Android Auto take over once it kisses and makes up with the car for my not having driven it lately. "Need to update" Well go right ahead while I plug the seatbelt in and stop that bleeping noise. "Spotify would like to connect?" Yes. Let it. "Gmail wishes to notify you.." Tell it to try harder. "Google maps wishes to to update and needs direction advice" Yes. Don't we all. "Your Alexa voice is UK variant" Nigella, yup I know. Is she wearing hugging black again? "Please repeat, unable to..." Never mind. "Your route is calculated an
  9. Nope, no views about it at all. Way more important things to worry about than speed limits.
  10. It would. I'd like an X5 but it's out of my price bracket but I'll get an X3 if I can get a good deal on one as my phono stage is worth nearly it's price so I don't need the mm/mc of the X5. There's an X5 FS on Gumtree up my way, on the GC I think but he want's way too much.
  11. If your not using vinyl then you don't really need the expense of the X5 which comes with MM/MC phono stage inside. X3 has MM phono. The Michi's are built like the proverbial and I'd place them above the same specced Luxmans but what do I know. Have you read the considered reviews of the Michi X3? There's no cons, just all pros as far as I can see. Some x5's have come up secondhand here and on Gumtree, wont be long before X3's appear and i'm grabbing one as soon as it does. 30 odd kgs of superior build goodness. Take the lid off one and take the lid off the comparable luxman
  12. Just sold one and a AU-7900. Good luck in the search. Both mine (and some others I had) sold on Gumtree. Make sure you keep an eye on there. You'd be aware that there are several FS on eBay and if you want to take the punt of buying off the guy (Japan market) then it may be worth investigation. Good luck in the search. FB Market Place had some nice Sansui's last week from a seller in Port Macquarie, AU 5900 recapped and a AU 517 recapped. Gone on the same day listed so keep an eye out there if your on the Zuckerberg express.
  13. Nah, up close the 80's NAD gear in one of their custom racks was as nice as Sansui gear in their name brand rack and Nakimichi in their whizzbang racks(way better than the aforementioned racks) Ugly is in the eye of the beholder isn't it and it's hard to argue with someone who enjoys performance over looks, budget over looks, pigheadedness over advice and looks, gobsmackingly ugly looks and letting people know you have them...(the ugly fuglys). Cyrus the entire range since inception. Absolutely everything ever made by Manley, just about everything that McIntosh has ever made(
  14. Up here in the relatively Covid free boonies, far away from the infectious crowd (Apols to Mr Hardy) that are infecting Bleak City + Steak+Kidney and their surrounds...it's post dinner here, that's been harvested from the garden basically; Mange-tout ☑️ Cilantro☑️Ginger☑️Bok Choy☑️,Mint☑️Cayenne peppers☑️ Scallions☑️Wombok☑️Homemade Deep Chinese Stock(not from the garden silly...) ☑️ Boned leg meat from free range chooks from a place near here where I buried their house cow a few days ago(A moment of silence ....loss of a house cow is a big thing to them. I still buy my milk in plastic thou
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