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  1. Further information: This is one of Clay's sought after superseded models which used the now rare AKM 4495 DAC chip. See info here........ https://www.gieseler.com.au/product-page/m16d-klein-dac-iii This slightly more expensive Dual S/PDIF version has coaxial and optical inputs but NO USB input. Includes the Kraftwerk upgraded PS (with the original stock one) I don't have the original boxes but everything will be bubble wrapped and packed safely. I liked this a lot but have since moved on (and up the $ ladder!!!!) It's just been sitting in my cupboard for the last 6 months but deserves to be in someone's system. A lovely smooth sounding DAC with minimal "bells and whistles" Photos:
  2. Owned a Topping D90MQA, a Gustard X16 and a Denafrips ARES II Didn't like the ARES II at all.(muddy) D90 MQA and X16 were both decent but a bit thin and one dimensional. X16 is good "bang for buck". Since moved up to a Gustard X26Pro which is superb but double your budget.
  3. A friend of mine just purchased a brand new 65" Sony A80J OLED to replace his recently expired ISF calibrated LX5090. Funnily enough the LX508A in his kitchen and PDP507XDA upstairs are still going strong. He is quite happy with the Sonys PQ out of the box and expects to be even more impressed once it's calibrated. My amazing and much loved KRP 500M is stlll hanging on after 12 Years!!!!..........😁 Anyway someone buy this..............A LX508A for $120 is ridiculously cheap.
  4. The X100 does play DFF and DSF files...........just not actual SACD's
  5. Just be aware the the X200 does SACD but the X100 doesn't.
  6. The key here is probably the power amp you will use. WRT Whatmough I had most of them...........P30, 202i, 302i, 303 and 503....... .......except the later models. As the Whatmough sound leans a little to the warm side of neutral I found that ME amps tended to suit them very well. Due to being a tad lean they made a great match IMO. No experience with Kantu's however, sorry. Just be careful you don't end up too warm (fat) or too neutral (clinical) with your power amp matching up. Good Luck
  7. These should have been snapped up first time round....🙄 Now they're even cheaper.............so absolutely no excuse people......🙂 What's not to like?????
  8. Good move I reckon. At the 7K DAC price point it may also be well worth considering investing that same amount in another part of your system for an even better "bang for buck" larger improvement in SQ.
  9. All available from Amazon Australia and Deep Discount.....https://www.deepdiscount.com/search?mod=AV&ft=4K+Ultra+HD
  10. Great post @Xecuter!!!!!! Agree that, regardless of speaker, it's really important to start with as good a room as possible. I too am an active ATC afficionado with 25th Anniversary SCM 70ASL's I heard @gat474 's SCM 100's and thought WOW!!!! Can't begin to imagine how good your 150's would be.🙂
  11. Always thought the below article was a good read........... http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/manufacture/0403/
  12. A dedicated monoblock matched specifically to each driver............ errr.......that's optimised not compromised......🙂
  13. Wow.........this is just so wrong!!!!!!!!😄
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