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  1. These are as good as they can get.......unless of course you want Osram B65..... (which goes for 4 figures)
  2. That is sad news indeed.... I've never dealt with Patrick, but he appeared to be a genuine character as he has shared his schematics on line for anyone who want to build his amps. https://tributes.canberratimes.com.au/obituaries/408184/patrick-turner/?r=https://tributes.canberratimes.com.au/obituaries/canberratimes-au/
  3. Google is your friend.... Conversely I can sell you $200.00/ valve....
  4. Have you done a DBT....😃..? When I last spoke to Elson (couple of years ago) he said he couldn't get KT valves to sound exactly 13e1, but he said it was getting close....how close and how different? depends on your system and ears. Then again if you like the sound of KT valves....say over 300B , 2A3, ......then is another discussion altogether. There is plenty of stock...just google....usually $100.00 per valve
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