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  1. Very sorry, that's a misunderstanding on our behalf. We'd been working on a "new" model that's specific to VAF I-93's with some different case work and specific connections for us, so apologies it's not a new model as such. The delay due to covid is unfortunately completely true... So i-93 active is temporarily still unavailable. Apologies for the confusion.
  2. Due to parts for DEQX processing not being available due to covid we've had to remove the active 93 for the moment. DEQX are working hard on a solution but until supply is available we can't offer this option.
  3. @bdoig That's a great job, well done. You should be very proud of the work there. Love to see speakers brought back to life to be enjoyed - especially Australian made ones! ?
  4. The older tweeter was a higher efficiency horn loaded Vifa tweeter. So the newer version had a little lower sensitivity. We think over 90dB in the original. Freq range again from memory 41Hz to 20kHz. sorry little vague on the specific details as it was over 20years ago! Sorry don't have any actual spec sheets.
  5. No problems. Always happy to help - Original 6.5 has VIFA drivers. The 5.5se are seas of Norway. The later 6.5 used Seas as well. Cabinet is 18mm MDF with veneer = 20mm. There was an optional lead lining but the original 6.5 didn't have a sand filled option. You shouldn't compare internal lining from one model to the next - no lining on the back of the 6.5 doesn't mean it should be there! Different design. Again knocking on the side of the 5.5 will most likely be different depending on where you knock. completely normal. I would completely expect a sonic difference from older
  6. What is it you're trying to find out exactly? The later version had a front baffle attachment like the 5.5se pictured, and option sand filled bottom section, which also increased the height. Drivers different also - which is just a sign of development. Still however 6" drivers. Drivers in the pic - the 5.5se has seas drivers. The 6.5 to the right is Vifa. Just so you know one of the Sonique designers works with us now and has provided these details. Happy to answer any other questions you may have. cheers Simon
  7. @Flash thank you so much for your kind words. The i90 has been such a popular speaker in so many situations, normally paired with a compact subwoofer it produces a big sound. @Pablo_Beluga I'd be pleased to have a chat, we have a couple of more compact monitor size speakers at or under your budget and of course can custom build. This is my personal favourite and what I run myself - Signature I25 . Its very close to the size you need (can lay on it's side with no problem) - and produces a solid 40Hz so IMO doesn't need a sub for quality stereo. We offer 30 day money back trials in
  8. That looks original - some of the very first had caps stripped down out of the original plastic covers - not sure they were mundorf though.... does it actually have a brand on it?
  9. So measuring at 4M is going to introduce a lot of reflections and won't be indicative of the speakers actual response. However, it's pretty easy to see via the impulse and step function if the drivers are in phase or not. It's been many years, but I can't quite remember if the red sticker (I assume you're meaning that) indicates +. Best to check with a battery over the terminals. + to + = cone moves OUT. Cheers! Simon
  10. Hey Davide, I can confirm all drivers are in phase on the BK. From the picture, they've been highly modified externally at least. Send me what you're measuring and I can maybe comment and help you out. simon.wilde@vaf.com.au cheers! Simon
  11. Hi Chris, only ever two types of cabinet. PCL2001 series and then the C6/7000 - C6000/7000 had same cabinet but C7000 had the Krell active crossovers. Later C6000 had some cross over mods and also the later version had updated mid range drivers.
  12. Hey there, that's a GEN3 DC-X, circa 1995-2000. One of or most popular models ever. Thousands built and shipped all over the place. Twin Fibreglass 8" bass/mid and a horn loaded Audax tweeter. High sensitivity at 96dB/W One of the first cross overless designs, one capacitor on the tweeter (and a padding resistor). We still make the occasional replacement grille sock for these. There's also a retrofit for the bass/mids that we've done to fit the newer GEN4 Kevlar woofers - the original Audax 8" drivers are no longer available as replacements. Hope you like them!
  13. Hi Steve, You've got DC-X speakers there by the pics, not DC-7. Twin 8" bass/mid and horn loaded 1" dome tweeter. The drivers are 8 Ohm. The original French manufacturer of the drive units went out of business about 15 years ago and we held replacement stock until about 2 years ago. The replacement we've developed is an upgrade to the speaker and I assume that's what was offered. Specs on the driver probably wont help that muc h, however - attached. Send an email through, we do have the odd upgrade and some times end up with a couple of the original drivers, so
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