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  1. I think that @RoHo has the basics right. 50 cm is likely hugely excessive. If I found mine running hot I think I'd just find a USB powered computer fan and set it up behind the amp. My ME 850 had such a fan built in. Of course you could always just put it on the top shelf of your component rack.
  2. Once you start roasting your own and get the precise roast depth and freshness that YOU want there's no going back. I have the same Gene Café that Marc is selling (my first Gene Café blew up after many years of roasting) and it works well, although you do have to stop it manually and a cooler (exhaust fan in a bucket with the beans in a sieve) is recommended for best results. 250 gm of green beans in (much cheaper than roasted and a great selection through CoffeeSnobs) gives about 215 gm roasted out.
  3. I remember reading some research a while ago that the vast majority of drivers will drive at a speed that is safe for them no matter what the speed limit is set at. Some people pay no attention to either their own or other's safety no matter what the speed limit is set at.
  4. I'm not an expert in audio history, but I suspect that the max output of the pre is only reached when the input max of the pre is reached—and many sources are much less than that. Turntables usually have a much lower output than the current crop of digital players. As long as you have enough movement in the volume control to make the adjustments you want, all is fine.
  5. The best deterrent is a tin can with a few coins rattled suddenly or a good water spray with a clothes sprayer. Once or twice was all I've ever needed for the cats to learn "no".
  6. @Decky, If you have the energy then a complaint to his local Better Business Bureau would be in order.
  7. Hi Andy, the watch was an original Rolex Submariner Date—the famous "Red Submariner"—that I bought on sale while learning to dive. The only other dive watch at the time was the Seiko, and they leaked, even in the pool sessions. Unfortunately Rolex couldn't replace the "Red Submariner" face so I got a white version which disappointed me, but at least it was better than the scratch the agent put on it. It saved my life twice and I still wear it. It's 52 years old now and costs me 10 times as much to have it serviced as I paid for it new in 1970. I don't dive any more eit
  8. Unfortunately sh*t does happen. How they respond is crucial. Good luck. Story: A goodly number of years ago I took my watch into the local sales and service agent here in Adelaide. When I picked it up the face had been scratched and an indicator on the bezel was upside down! I took it back to complain and they wouldn't take any responsibility at all. I was p*ssed. I complained to the chief watchmaker for the brand in Australia and he said send it to him. I got it back with all damaged parts replaced and he said next time send it direct to him and don't use the local sho
  9. That sounds like gross incompetence. I think their public liability insurance should cover the difference.
  10. That's my answer too. Note that I always enjoy the music, it's just that for me, upgrades increase that enjoyment.
  11. IMO they do it because the dialog is so pathetic they don't want you to hear it. As well, if you're focussing on trying to hear the dialog then you won't notice how bad the rest of the film is. Win-win.
  12. Here are two set-up procedures. The WASP basically matches what Stuart of SGR does when he sets up speakers. WASP Sumiko Master
  13. Not about hi-fi. I recently shipped a couple of small items to Russia with TNT 'cause AusPost had no service to there at all. Issues that arose included: two completely different alphabets, two languages, and two completely incompatible address systems—resulting in a "we can't deliver" message from Moscow. BUT, they continued trying and within two days had sorted all the issues, found the recipient, delivered the package, and in turn I received an email and a short video of thanks from the recipient. I sent my congratulations and and thanks to TN
  14. I'm really enjoying this audio porn. Isn't it amazing what people are willing to do to listen to music? There really is something magical about both music and our auditory perception that encourages us.
  15. I'm so glad there is limited choice—it sure simplifies buying a system.
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