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  1. Yup, already planning that. To be commenced when my new system is complete. New system? I figured it was now or never, and I love my music.
  2. I'm leaving everything to a combination of my sister, my kids, my friends, and charity. The material goods will have to be sold or taken home. If sold they'll either work for the money or sell it cheap to save working. Somebody probably gets a bargain. Why not? I did.
  3. Be aware that 'normal' shipping (not courier like DHL) is backlogged severely. Numbers of airlines aren't flying to Australia currently and those that are get overbooked. I have an amp coming from Canada that has been delayed twice. So far it's been in transit for 3 weeks.
  4. I bought my ME 15 amp in 1985 or thereabouts and my (spare) Linn in 1977. They may not count though as both have been upgraded since purchase. The Linn was horribly expensive—almost $500 with a Grace G707 arm and a Stanton cartridge. The ME is played daily, at least until my Simaudio MOON arrives.
  5. Do you have a reference for this? No, sorry. My time in the military was a long time ago. IIRC the tumbling was deliberately introduced by playing with the rifling twist. Remember that military rounds are fully jacketed (Geneva Convention) and this was a way of increasing serious wounding as opposed to clean through-and-throughs. I'm sure it wasn't the only reason though, the lightness and adequate accuracy were certainly factors too.
  6. There's a lot on the 7.62 in Wikipedia, but basically it is a slightly smaller, lighter round than the 30.06 it replaced, with better specs than the .303. As for the rest, some additions : The effectiveness of a round depends (generally) on bullet diameter and length (which determines weight, and velocity. Military effectiveness is further determined by its ability to wound and disable. The wounded take more out of a battle than the dead because they require care. The current military favourite, the .223 or 5.56 mm tumbles in flight and creates worse wounds than the 7.62. (The military are very practical in some things.) Bond's Beretta was a .25 and is really a 'social distance' round (small, light bullets, low velocity). Any longer distance and you risk getting the target really mad at you. The .303 was the standard British rifle cartridge during the time the US used the 30.06. The US police used to use the .38 (real diameter .354-.358 depending on the pistol make) but now the majority use the 9mm. Some areas allow independent pistols and both the .40 and .45 ACP are popular. The main reason they changed is that the .38 is a rimmed revolver cartridge that doesn't feed reliably in autoloaders, and the 9 mm is rimless and autoloading pistols can carry up to 33 rounds in standard trim vs the 5 (carrying 6 is often considered unsafe) in a revolver. Dirty Harry carried a .44 magnum, which despite being a slightly smaller diameter than .45 (.429) shoots longer, heavier bullets at much higher velocity. While the big, slow .45 is surprisingly effective out to about 100 metres, I've successfully knocked over heavy iron targets at 200 yards with a .44.
  7. That sounds like an improvement to me. Floor and wall reflections can make an enormous difference to the sound in a room. If the treble bounces off the floor and then directly to your ears, IMO cardboard is not likely to be a good damper. Try an irregular pile of pillows and seat cushions from a lounge and see how that works. You may need a rug with a good underlay. Even with a carpet I got an improvement with the pillows and cushions for my old speakers. Also, check the changed reflections from the walls, you may need some absorption or diffraction on the reflection points. If so, wall hangings, book cases, decorative shelving can all work. The lack of appeal means that the way it is, this change by itself is not working for you. If you can't fix the lack of appeal you may have to give up the "better performance".
  8. While there are half and one day courses in "barista skills" the professional qualification as a barista in Italy lasts between 6 and 12 months and then there is an apprenticeship period in the shop.
  9. Hi all. This original Professor T just gets better and better. So far I've binged 8 episodes, and while it is not as dark as <Nordic Noir> I am totally hooked. It beats (nearly?) everything I've seen on TV for quite a while. It has plot, acting, and character development. If you can find it anywhere do give it go.
  10. No, never tried it—I already had a nice headphone amp with a crossfeed circuit that I love and also disconnecting/reconnecting the amp every time I wanted to use the 'phones would have been VERY inconvenient. It was recommended by both Peter Stein (manufacturer) and Trevor Wilson of Rage Audio (approved ME repairs). As far as the OP's issue goes, if there is a volume control and analog out, trying it would cost less than $10 so I thought it worth mentioning. If there is no analog out then he will indeed need a separate DAC and amp, although my kids' sleep was never disturbed by music.
  11. My all-time favourite was the same since I was 12, that's 60 years ago, although I've added a bit recently. Good mince, preferably home ground, salt, pepper, generously sprinkled with powdered garlic and BBQed over wood or charcoal. New additions are a dash of oyster sauce replacing the salt and an additional sprinkle of Gaganis' Nostimini. Top with mild mustard and fresh tomato, with perhaps some mayo on the bun.
  12. I use a late 2014 as my music library and for playing through Amarra to the DAC. Works a treat. (Although Amara's foibles are annoying its sound quality is still my favourite.)
  13. While most people do prefer either the NOS or slow, I have read some reviews that prefer the fast. I've a Pontus II and I really don't know which I prefer as on short switching I can't pick the difference. The NOS does seem to exacerbate my tinnitus less though, so that's what I use.
  14. Assuming that you are using the analog output from the CD player to the speakers, and that the CD player has a volume control, then it may be possible to just connect the 'phones to the CD players analog outputs as needed. It MAY be suitable and all you would need is an RCA to headphone adaptor. I know this was recommended for my ME-15 pre-amp. If you do give it a try then start with the volume all the way down!
  15. Here's my first pizza Napoletana (biga method) on my wood-fired Ooni. Despite part of the edge looking pretty burnt it had only a slight tang of burnt for a couple of bites. I think the oven was a bit hot at almost 500°C. I'll try about 420 next time. What it did have is what I've been missing since Italy, thin crust, tasty, and so soft and moist inside with a crispy bottom and top. All cooked in 75 seconds! My thanks to @towanda for the advice.
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