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  1. @frednork thank you for your in depth analysis, l believe that the secret to my good acoustics is a well designed "random chaos concept"!! Lot's of break up, multitude of different materials hard and soft, excessive laziness in clearing up; plus a big dose of good luck!! 😉
  2. A simple red Ethernet cable I've just fitted into my system has thrown a cat in the worms! Here l was blissfully listening to my Turntable and analog gear, and smugly knowing my digital section couldn't come that close to competing with it! Previously I'd mistakenly thought my digital was very close, but with my Turntable/Arm and cart setup perfectly - there was still a sizable gap! Don't get me wrong, with repeated and prolonged periods of enforced isolation - it has been a great opportunity to wrack up the sort of hours normally stretched over a much longer period. And that
  3. Yes indeed they are, Nick Hulgich only built two pairs before they morphed into the Duke speakers. Also have the matching centre speaker, which is the only centre Nick has ever produced. The CJ CT5 preamp is a definite keeper ,fed through my Bryston 4B3 Power amp. Very organic, clean, open sound ! @todagtis still floating around Melbourne as a choo choo driver, in between being imprisoned like many of us! 😉 To keep this thread on track, had one of these last night! 😊
  4. Indeed sad times in lockdown for many! This drop brings back memories of carefree times , celebrating at one of many Melbourne HiFi show dinners! @darth vader @Tubularbells @todagt @Black Orange @buzz lightyear etc. 😊
  5. LOL, the "plain" can transform into attractive after prolonged lockdown! Alas, So far l have two people actually willing to stump up money for this! It might have to be another LP that I bring around (with rose between teeth) 😊
  6. LOL, any excuse to break the rules!! 😂 Will there be beer involved to make it worth the risk?? 🤔
  7. Further information: Lyn Stanley Lost in Romance Audiophile 2LP 45 Limited Edition . Only played a few times and would class condition as: NM for Gatefold cover NM for both LP's. Michael Fremer rated this 11/10 for sound quality, so this is an excellent demo or reference LP for your collection. Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Lost-in-Romance-by-Lyn-Stanley-180g-Vinyl-2LP-2013-by-A-T-Music-LLC-/222821446898?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 https://www.audiophilereferencerecordings.com.au/lyn-stanley-lost-
  8. Withdrawn from sale Photos:
  9. This isn't directly inferring anything toward specific individuals , but a more general observation.😊 If only slower drivers showed consideration for others, there would be far less accidents or dangerous near misses. So many times I've been stuck behind someone, and they've ignored signs to give way or pull into specially designed lanes. Often I've had cars stuck behind in this instance, lose patience and pass multiple cars - with some very close encounters! Unfortunately we've turned into a very self centred and self righteous society, and l can't see it turning a
  10. @Gryffles a Lumin U1 Mini streamer currently for sale on SNA would be a great investment! Then look for a different DAC if need be, but you might be happier with your current one. (For awhile at least!). Not a big fan of multi DAC/ Streamer combos, usually a compromise- especially with shared PSUs.
  11. evil c

    Tennis Talk

    My wife who is an accomplished tennis player, and l have always been appalled by Serena. It has always been all about herself, and she has worsened behavior wise in the last few years- because she hasn't been challenged enough to improve. Poor Osaka is still heavily traumatized by Serena's hissy fit after she lost in the final! Questions about her bulking up, and becoming much stronger have been remarkably absent. I, and many other sports fans would happily watch a complete and fair player over her - yes the standard was lesser, but like true champion's do players l
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