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  1. Speed stability wasn't actually a "problem" (measured 0.025%), but why not experiment with it anyway?
  2. I wouldn't expect it to make a difference on a DD turntable, but I was getting some other stuff cut. and $20 is pocket change for a fun experiment and a cool looking platter.
  3. In theory higher platter mass should increase the inertia of the platter, absorbing any variances in speed. As a $20 experiment, worst case scenario was I'd get a cool platter mat
  4. I once got a stainless steel and aluminium platter mat laser cut in search of higher speed stability. It didn't make any measurable difference. Looks cool tho
  5. Yeah I'm pretty sure it ran its course about 3 pages ago
  6. The test isn't supposed to prove anything. It's just an interesting experiment. The unexpected result indicates that the topic may be worthy of further consideration. If the Roksan had whooped the technics we could probably comfortably say "expensive turntables are an improvement over cheapies" because the result is confirming our expectations. The result was contrary to expectations it's worth thinking about further, rather than outright dismissing the suggestion that hifi-fi tables aren't audibly better than mid-fi tables.
  7. Rocky- I definitely don't consider it to be proof of anything. It's interesting nevertheless. I would have expected a difference so big that it would be unmistakable. Especially due to the different cartridges The main thing that makes me wonder about turntables is that the measurable differences between consumer and hifi turntables is so small. Beyond a price point, the spinning disc itself seems to be the limiting factor. It's An extra 0.02% more speed stability may be extracted by spending an extra $10k, but Rega has proven that apparently it's not even important t
  8. Andy- that 6moons article just seems to be the same old audiophile "truths" repeated, and we're expected to take it at face value as being correct. Roy gandy also took the position that the stylus is sufficient as a record cleaner. Maybe they're onto something. I never once referred to archimago or anyone else as a guru. suspect the addition of antiskate to VPI arms is a simple case of adding a feature because the consumer expects it. edit: From memory there's an AT95E on the sansui. I used it as my standby player for nasty op-shop records
  9. On that particular topic, I am reminded of this particular article. It proposes that the VTA adjustment is basically useless/meaningless. Roy Gandy of Rega also considers it to be unimportant. Harry Weisfeld of VPI on the other hand considers antiskating to be unimportant (I think). The little sansui in my linen closet may not have adjustable antiskating or VTA, but maybe it doesn't need it.
  10. I said "to question", not "to ask a question" To question something means to cast doubt on it. I was casting doubt on whether there's any audible difference between a solid mid-fi table and a super hi-fi one. Being that I did this in a forum dedicated to debating controversial ideas, I'd say it was evident that the purpose was for people to give their opinion on the topic.
  11. The original purpose of the thread was not to compare vinyl to digital/streaming etc- it was to question whether there's any audible difference between a solid mid-fi table vs a super hi-fi table
  12. The ritual of a record player is very nice, but the ritual of a "cheap" table is surely pretty much the same as an expensive one? There may be more adjustable things on an expensive table, but personally I set my Azimuth, VTA, lateral balance and alignment once and then forget about it for the next few years
  13. Like an apple headphone dongle? $15 from JB hifi! 0.001% THD+N, 113dB dynamic range, 0.9ohm output impedance, perfectly flat frequency response
  14. The dragonfly cobalt unfortunately has some sort of a problem in its circuit. It's got like 5 times more distortion than the Red and clips at the recommended volume, It's not too surprising that they're audibly different. Some Random Blogger did some measurements of the audioquest line
  15. Nope. I'm relying on the observation that the technical limitations of a vinyl record surpass the technical records of consumer record players. If you're only driving on gravel roads, a ferrari isn't going to be any faster than a Kia Stinger. It will be nicer and cooler, but the road is the limiting factor, not the car. I'm proposing that the black disc is the limiting factor, not the player. A consumer record player is silent over the noise floor of the record. The w&f and speed inaccuracies are insignificant in comparison to the inherent weaknesses of records (such a compromised format t
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