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  1. Hello Jake, I know the guy who did the original design layouts and drawings for the ME-1500 amp and he mentioned the other day about still having them. I can ask him what he wants to do with them if you are interested.
  2. I believe it was used as a centre channel with a pair of Wilson Alexandria's according to Chris, the guy who is selling it on behalf of Audio Connection.
  3. I had an english teacher at high school called Keith Warwick, drove a Triumph Stag and thought he was a bit of ladies man. Only problem was that the ladies were only 17 years old at the time. Ended up taking early medical retirement. Used to have one of those moustaches often worn by 70's porn stars, sad really, damn knowledgable about Shakespeare and Chaucer.
  4. Audio Definition speakers. I have news paper clippings of her in a swimwear pageant when she was 18, I didn't realise it was her among the contestants until about 10 years ago and when I showed her the momento [ it was my girlfriend at the time who won it], she cracked up laughing about how much her bikini covered compared to everyone elses.
  5. I think he was refering to Dan D'Agastino amplifiers, the former president of Krell. The amp Willco was stating as sounding good with the Sasha's sells for $40000. I think the Modwright is considerably cheaper.
  6. Hello, As a side issue, there is no import duty on turntables ,only GST. Regards, KLM
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